DIY Leave-In Conditioner Spray

Monday, February 25, 2013

Love conditioning treatments? Me too! I used a horrid one just the other day which prompted me to go back to making my own. So today we're making our own leave-in conditioner spray and you can customize it to your hair type. We all have different hair types, textures and needs... So let me share some quick tips about customizing this project to fit your needs. Don't worry, this is going to be easy!

Here's the Basics
  • If you have fine hair and want a lightweight leave-in: Use a little less conditioner and oils and a little more water.
  • If you have thick, course hair or dry damaged hair and you like extra conditioning: Add the full 1/4 cup of conditioner and desired amount of oils, a tablespoon total should suffice. Be careful not to add too much oil, we're not making a hair serum here, too much oil will make your hair look... well, oily!
  • If you want a smaller batch, use a 4 oz bottle and half the ingredients.

What You'll Need...

 8 oz Plastic Spray Bottle

Your Favorite Conditioner

Your Favorite Hair Oils

I Chose 2 Oils, Avocado and Argan Oil
(You Can Use More If You Want)

 Distilled Water (or Aloe Vera Juice is awesome too!)

How To Make Your Own Leave-In Conditioner!

Step 1: Add between an 1/8 to 1/4 cup conditioner to bottle.

Step 2: Add a few pumps of oil.

 Step 3: Fill the rest of bottle with distilled water, leaving about an inch of empty space at top. 
(You'll need that space for shaking and blending the ingredients).

Step 4: Cap the bottle and vigorously shake until blended.

Add a label if you want and you're done!

Step-by-Step Instruction Video

Now that was easy! Thanks to our conditioners, they already contain emulsifiers, which blend oil and water together. Use as you would any other leave-in conditioner, simply spray onto dry or damp hair and use as often as you want.

Keep in mind, water based leave-in conditioners or creams don't work on all hair types. Certain hair textures respond better to serum or hair oil. 

Where I buy my ingredients:
Online at
Get $10 OFF your first order here: Vitacost
Sign up and pass on the savings to friends and family. Vitacost prices beat paying retail any day!

Another great source for ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs

Enjoy and I wish you many happy hair days ahead!!
xoxo Christine

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  2. I noticed your video is set to private.When will be able to view it.xoxo

  3. Oops sorry! I forgot to change the video to unlisted for you guys. Updating it now. xoxo

  4. Was the leave in conditioner "it's a 10" ? I used this the other day after seeing positive reviews and I swear my hair was more dry and brittle with it then before.

  5. how much coconut oil should i use? should i heat it up first?? help!

  6. Thanks for this tutorial! I go through tons of leave-in conditioner, so i'm happy to know how to make it now!

  7. About how much would estimate of oil I should add? Like in tsps or oz? Also, would a deep conditioner be too much? I've been having some breakage problems with my hair. Thanks!