DIY Massage Bars (Lotion Bars)

Monday, February 04, 2013

This is my recipe for making delicious "white chocolate" massage bars! An ultra rich moisturizer and homemade dessert for your skin!

What is a massage bar?
A massage bar or lotion bar, looks similar to a bar of soap but it's not for bathing... It's a body butter in bar form, made with natural oils, butters and wax. When applied to the skin it melts on contact with your body heat, leaving your skin a glow with nourishing oils and butters. 

How to apply a massage bar?
Apply directly to dry skin, allow bar to warm with body heat and glide along your skin slowly. The oils will melt into your skin as you glide along.

Where to apply a massage bar?
Anywhere you have dry skin that needs nourishment. Massage bars give a gorgeous glowy sheen to the legs, arms and they're especially good for healing those extra dry, rough areas such as elbows, knees, heels, hands, etc... 

When to apply a massage bar?
I like to apply massage bars in the morning before I begin my day. Since they are quite rich and can feel slightly tacky like a body butter, I personally don't like applying them before bed. But it's up to you of course.

Now on to the recipe! The amounts I listed below makes (1) 2oz bar. But you can easily customize your massage bar recipe or make larger quantities. For the base just remember to use: Equal Parts: Wax, Butter, Oil.  

PinkSoFoxy's White Chocolate Massage Bars

1 1/2 Tbsp Beeswax
1 Tbsp Cocoa Butter
1/2 Tbsp Shea Butter
1 Tbsp Vanilla Infused Coconut Oil (Monoi Oil)
1/2 Tbsp Kukui Nut Oil

Easy step by step instruction video with extra tips and ideas.

In the video, I used a microwave but you can use a double-boiler to melt the wax instead if you want.

Where I buy my ingredients:
Beeswax from a local bee keeper. (But you can buy it on Etsy too).

Vitacost for oils and butters,
Get $10 OFF your first order here: Vitacost
Sign up and pass on the savings to friends and family. Vitacost prices beat paying retail any day!

Another great source for ingredients is Mountain Rose Herbs

Silicone Molds I purchased on Etsy from HappyDIY (It takes awhile to receive them though because they ship from overseas) 

Enjoy and happy massage bar making!!
xoxo Christine

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  1. I absolutely love your YouTube videos Christine, you are such an inspiration!! xox

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  3. Thanks so much girls!! Happy birthday to you too MissAsh! xoxo Christine

  4. Pink, I am a new fan. I love your videos. Just made my first body/hand scrub and am now on to making the lotion bars. I am loving it!

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  6. Really, i am very happy to know your recipe which making delicious "white chocolate" massage bars! An ultra rich moisturizer and homemade dessert for skin!. I have liked the recipe which is really better for skin. I will use it on my skin.
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  7. Thank you very much for making such great tasty white chocolate that creates a sense of chiropractor for all of us because they are specially trained persons to help us get rid of pains and inflammation.

  8. Great video! i actually got my ingredients from and i love how this has turned out! thanks for sharing!