Bikini Body Butt Workout

Friday, April 05, 2013

Summer is just around the corner, are you ready for bikini season? If not, have no fear! Here are some of my top butt busting exercises to help get your rear in gear and ready for that cheeky bikini! Get ready to burn baby!

I've received tons of requests to make workout videos for you to follow along every rep of the way, my reply to your request... heck yeah let's do this together! I'm thrilled that you would like to see more fitness videos from me. If you have any special requests feel free to leave them in the comments for me.

xoxo Christine 

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  1. Wow Christine. As a cardiac nurse, these low impact moves are the middle age answer to staying fit without going to a gym and constantly being watched by 18 year old girls! I will get my ankle weights on Monday and exercise right along with you. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks Shelly! I'm so glad you found it helpful! I love these types of low impact workouts too! Haha I hear you about the gym. I have many more fitness videos planned and I'll make them super easy to follow along through every set and rep. xoxo Christine

  3. Hi Christine,
    I just found your YouTube channel a short while ago. I love all of your videos, you are such an inspiration! Please do more workout videos and natural skin care DIY :)
    Actually I would like to ask you something. Not sure if it is an easy question to answer though...Christine, you look gorgeous and from what I understand you have never struggled with your weight. What interests me is: what keeps you motivated to work out? I have struggled with weight my whole life but keeping it under control for quite some time now. However, if I don't keep up with regular workout I can see it on my flabby body immediately. You are so toned, if you don't work out for a week you still look gorgeous. If you stopped working out for a couple of weeks or month you would loose some tone but still look gorgeous. I keep on working out because I don't want the flab to return, because I have been there. But what kind of thinking and mindset is it with you that motivates you to work out?

    Best wishes from Norway
    Christin ;)

  4. Christine, I started watching your videos last year when I was searching for natural skin care for the acne problems I was having in my 30s...I have been hooked on every video ever since and look forward to the next one :) I recently was in a car accident and am experiencing back pain...I would be interested to see what exercises you are fitting into your life now that you have a smaller space to deal with that could also be low impact :)