Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There was only one item on my wish list that was a Must Have from Sephora's recent Chic Week sale. The New Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer in Maldives!  I was sold the moment I discovered Buxom had created a coconut scented bronzer, knowing Buxom, I just knew it was going to be good!


I ordered my Buxom Hot Escapes Bronzer online at Sephora.com. When it arrived I opened the compact and a smooth toasted coconut scent wafted into the air and swept me off my feet. I'm always amazed at how uplifting aromatherapy can be to the body and mind.

Tanning oil scents are like kryptonite to my senses. There's just nothing quite like the fragrance of warm coconut tanning oil to carry you away into another dimension, one with sun-soaked white sand beaches, palm trees swaying in the soft breeze, aquamarine water glittering in the sunlight, ice cold cocktails with tiny umbrellas, cabana boys (or your husband) waiting on you hand and foot... It's the dreamy essense of a tropical paradise... Yes, I get all of that from the scent of this bronzer and it is magnificent!


I was surprised to find that with all the bronzers in my collection I couldn't find a dupe.

Maldives is a bit warmer than Nars Laguna, slightly cooler with more gold flecks than Victoria's Secret Goddess, Milani Soleil is more orange tone, Nars Casino is deeper, Too Faced Sun Bunny is a hint warmer with more sheen, bareMinerals Faux Tan is deeper with a redder base and lacks the gold flecks, NYC Fire Island Tan is more orange, Chanel Bronze Universal is warmer and also lacks the gold flecks.

After closely examining an arm full of swatches in all types of lighting, Buxom Maldives appears to be one of the truest, most well-balanced bronze shades I've ever seen in a bronzer. Not leaning too far in either a warm or cool direction. If I was to choose the bronzer it's most comparable to, I'd have to say  Nars Laguna, except Maldives has a hint more warmth and golden flecks.


The texture feels most similar to the Nars bronzers, though Nars is a bit more velvety, which I'm guessing is due to Buxom having more particles of gold. Though the gold flecks are very fine and give a beautiful glow to the skin, no glittery disco ball here, just bronze goddess glow.


Maldives offers good pigmentation, though it isn't as heavily pigmented as Nars bronzers but the level of pigmentation is easily buildable. So while one swipe with your finger doesn't transfer a whole lot of product onto your arm in a swatch, a couple of taps with your brush will pick up a good amount of product and you can deepen the color as needed. The best part about having balanced pigmentation is you have more control over the product and don't have to worry about accidentally applying too much in a single fluff of the brush and suddenly muddying up your makeup. (I'm looking at you Wet n Wild Color Icon bronzers) However deeper skin tones may have trouble getting it to show up, Buxom may need to add a darker shade.

Overall, Buxom has created another hit product with their new Hot Escapes Bronzers. I suspect Maldives may become a holy grail bronzer for many, including myself.

Would love to hear your thoughts, Share in the comments!
xoxo, Christine

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  1. Hey beautiful girl! I was wondering how you made your header. Did you just edit your photos together on a different site and add to your blogger template? I really like it. If you dont have time to get back I promise I understand. Your You tube channel and blog are amazing. You inspire many many girls and are doing a wonderful thing on here!


  2. I am picking this up tomorrow! My favorite scent in my favorite makeup item?! I'm so there! :)

  3. Hola amiga! i was just wondering if it compares to Smashbox fusion soft light bronzer, the golden tan? Thank you beautiful :)

  4. have you tried Lorac bronzers? I LOVE them....I so wanna try the Buxom...I can only imagine because who doesn't LOVE the lipsticks right?!

  5. Love this bronzer too I purchased it a few months back and works great to bronze and highlight my skin tone is an olive complexion. Love ur YouTube videos girl! Please check out my blog: MacGirl25.Blogspot.ca