Thailand Makeup Haul

Saturday, June 15, 2013

As a beauty lover I'm always scanning for luscious beauty goodies, even when traveling. ...Or should I say especially when traveling! I'm fascinated with discovering new products and beauty favorites in other countries. Whether it be skincare, hair care, makeup... Fellow beauty lovers are fairly easy to spot and I never turn down an opportunity to inquire and learn about favorite local beauty items or secrets.

So while traveling through Thailand I discovered the cutest beauty shop boutique, Beauty Buffet. They have over 137 locations and can be found at many leading department store plazas and malls. I went to the Central Airport Plaza location in Chiang Mai, down the road from Tesco (where I found Oriental Princess, but that's another post). The decor and displays were thoughtfully done in girlie shades of pink and white. The delicious candy land look of the store makes you feel as if you're shopping for desserts in a sweets shop.

The selection was just right, plenty of products to browse and swatch. But not so many that it takes up all your mall time. I was able to finish shopping in about 20 minutes, my husband was delighted. ;) The prices are affordable and after swatching several products I was thrilled with the quality as well.

Beauty Buffet Haul

Gino McCray Pink Passion 
Diamond Forever Eyeshadow Trio in Citrine
259 baht

Gino McCray Heritage 
Blusher in Sand Stone
$375 baht

Gino McCray Pink Passion
Sweet & Sexy Lipstick in Nude
295 baht

I plan to do a haul video very soon, so you'll be hearing much more about these products then.
Lots of love, 
xoxo Christine

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  1. Everything looks good. Have fun!

  2. That's such a cute concept: "beauty buffet" Looks like you are having a blast during your adventure :) take care!

    ps, love the eyeshadow shades!

  3. Cute packaging. Looks like great neutral shades for your travels :)

  4. Very cute packaging. I know I am having really great experiences with some Korean products I'm trying - very out-of-the-box for me, so I think there is a wonderland of untapped beauty products in Asian make-up for Americans!

  5. They are so pretty ! I'm really enjoying your trip videos, I hope one day I'll visit Asia !

  6. Christine, you are my fav youtuber ever! And to think that you will be in India, my home land, is getting me so excited although I will be in London around that time ;)

    Hope you make some fantastic memories over the next months :)

  7. So pretty! I would love to get my hands on those! Great haul! Feel free to pick up some for me! I have PayPal ;) Hope y'all are having a blast.. Stay safe!

  8. How about your Make Out 2013? Reached your goal?

  9. Does Gino McCray test on animals? I'm having trouble finding info about this brand. Thanks. :)

  10. Does Gino McCray test on animals? I'm having trouble finding info about this brand. Thanks. :)

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