Superfoods: Dragon Fruit

Sunday, November 24, 2013

My favorite food group? You guessed it, fruit! Yes, I'm a bit of a fruit-a-holic and with all the delicious exotic fruits that grow here in Hawaii it's easy to understand why. One of my favorites is Dragon Fruit, juicy, gorgeous and good for you!

Dragon Fruit is the Bombshell of all Fruits! A vibrant red-pink skin... Mmm… New inspiration for a fresh summery lipstick shade!

I would love to see Dragon Fruit make "color of the year" ...Heck why leave that decision in someone else's hands? Maybe it'll be my Pink So Foxy "Color of Summer" 2014! You can bet I'll be searching out a lipstick and blush to match my dragon fruit obsession this Spring.

Dragon Fruit, known as Pitaya is a cactus fruit. Belonging to the Hylocereus family, it's native to Mexico, Central America and South America. Today Pitaya is grown in many tropical countries. We saw heaps of them while traveling through Southeast Asia.

The coloring of Dragon Fruit varies from deep pink-red, hot pink and white flesh to the more rare yellow with white flesh. The white and deep red are more abundant, making them easier to find. The texture of the flesh is similar to that of kiwi. However Dragon Fruit has a flavor is all its own. Their flamboyant appearance might suggest the fruit is bursting with a tangy or sweet flavor. On the contrary, Dragon Fruit has a mild flavor with a subtle sweetness. The juicy easy-to-scoop texture makes it feel like you're indulging in a yummy sorbet treat. It's low in calories and fructose (fruit sugar), but rich in antioxidants and the seeds are a good source of healthy fatty acids.

My personal favorite is the hot pink flesh variety, delicious and juicy, it has a light  yet delicately sweet flavor.

So how exactly does one go about finding Dragon Fruit? I enjoy shopping my local Farmers Market, their produce is cheaper and fresher than in the grocery stores, plus buying direct helps support those local farmers. As a fruit foodie I love taking the time to talk with farmers, learning about their produce specialties, what's in season currently and what's coming up next month. Not to mention getting recipe ideas from the other shoppers, most of which are cute little old ladies who are thrilled to share cooking tips and socialize over heaps of fruit and veggies, it's really a great time!

So next time you see this gorgeous bombshell of a fruit... Stock up, eat up and get gorgeous with it, Bombshells!

Love you all!
Christine K.

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  1. It looks delicious! Hope I can find it here in the Netherlands. Really want to try some pink fruits! Nice blog Christine!

  2. I'm from South Florida and my father grows all kinds of tropical fruit trees. Dragonfruit is my favorite. I always cut them in half and freeze a couple and then eat them like an icee for dessert. It's my replacement for ice cream! ;-) Love your blogs and videos!!!