Organizing Idea For Scarves

Friday, December 13, 2013

Here's a simple way to make your scarves a feature of your closet that's easily accessible and easy on the eyes. With all the beautiful colors, fabrics and textures, part of the pleasure of owning them is getting to see them and remembering to wear them, right? If they're in a pile or tucked away in a box somewhere you might forget the treasures you have! I have a fair collection of scarves, almost all of them were purchased while traveling. Each one is special and instantly brings back memories of the country or town I was in when I found it.

Being an organizing addict or artist or nut… whichever you prefer to call it, I've examined many creative ways people organize their scarves. But nothing I saw really fit the bill for me. I didn't want to drill into my wall or door. I didn't want to see those over-the-door towel rack nubs on the back of my door if I closed it. I didn't like the flippy-floppy look of the plastic shower curtain rings on a hanger idea. I didn't like the look of scarves just simply hung on hangers. And I've never come across a store bought scarf organizer that I liked. Damn I sound like a hard to please, pain in the butt. But I knew the look I wanted to achieve… Clean, fresh and easy on the eyes.

So here's my method for organizing scarves. All you need is $5 and 5 minutes of your time. It's a sleek, simple and budget-friendly option!



Step By Step Video: Creative Idea For Organizing Scarves


 How do you organize your scarves? Share in the comments!


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  1. This is so unusual to see new colors in your wardrobe. they look so fresh and elegant. Very smart.
    Unfortunately I can't view the video. The acess denied or something else, but photos are good.

  2. That's such a creative way especially since I'm only 14 also I really LOVE watching ur videos it lights up my day also I have a question where are your gineau pigs

    Xoxo Coral

  3. Awesome idea! =]

    On another note, I adore the white chunky watch I often see you wearing. What brand is it?

  4. Such a nice idea !! I LOVE it !!! would you like to follow each other :) xx

  5. I've pinned your idea since I too was looking for different ways to organize scarves and don't like the clunky looks of other organizers! I don't have too many scarves so I think this might be a good idea for me! Thanks!

  6. hiii I love your scarves please let us know if you made them yourself? if so can you please make a diy thanks :)