White Room Decor Ideas

Friday, December 20, 2013

     Strangers tell me I have an obsessive personality, friends tell me I have single-minded focus. Whatever it is, is with me for life and I'm so grateful for it! It helps me to learn things... and fast, super fast. Whatever I become interested in, I immerse myself entirely in that subject. Learning as much as possible about it, spending all my time thinking, reading, dreaming about it... Intently studying and examining everything about it. Even when I'm supposed to be working or doing something else, it's on my mind. I imagine some may think of it as a "problem" or "disorder" but for me it's a tool, a very important tool that completes who I am, propels my passions and pushes me to never stop learning or evolving.

So what is my current obsession?

 The clean fresh look of white rooms! With a white base anything is possible. You can easily transform the feel of a room, simply by changing the accent color. You can create a bright cheerful pop of color with a single vase of fresh cut flowers. The simplicity of white allows only the items you choose to take center stage. For me a white color palette offers a beautiful, calming yet uplifting atmosphere, a modern elegance that's easy on the eyes and soothing on the soul.

Below are some gorgeously inspiring white rooms. Enjoy!

I would love to hear about your home, any home decor color palettes that you love... or maybe you want to update your current color scheme to something else. Tell me about it in the comments!

xoxo, Christine

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  1. I did repair a year ago. white furniture was something new for us. But I'm so glad to live in a white interior. Adore white.
    My favourite blogs with white interiors are
    Hope you'llfind them helpfull

  2. I have had a long lasting relationship with the colour red and all its different nuances. Two years ago , we renovated my room and I decided to paint a wall a beautiful dark red colour and leave the other walls white. I must say I still love it, everytime I walk into my room and see that wall it makes me happy. I also got new curtains and drapes a few months ago, because it took that long after the renovation to find some that I liked (I usually take my time in finding the perfect piece of whatever I'm looking for and I rarely settle). The drapes are gold and the curtains have a baroque golden pattern on a dark red canvas, so it ties the entire room together. It might seem like a lot for some people, I know that, but it is quite a large room so it works for me.

  3. Love the look of white rooms, so fresh and clean and elegant. But they're just too stark in the long snowy winters. Right now, I'm working on creating a beachy bathroom, but with a bit of a twist. My beach inspiration is the shores of nearby Lake Superior.

  4. We are so much alike it is crazy! Even before I ran across your blog and youtube videos, I have been redecorating my bedroom in all white. I also threw out all our colored dishes a while back and invested in solid white dishes! Simple and beautiful.

  5. I love white rooms also, however I must have a "pop" of color whether it be subtle or "in your face". So white is always my anchor in every room and the color pops change with the seasons and my mood of course!