DIY Mirrored Vanity

Friday, January 10, 2014

I have an affection for mirrored furniture. It started when I purchased a small set of mirrored drawers at Ross for $119 bucks a couple of years ago. What a score, especially after I discovered how expensive mirrored furniture can be. Most other pieces I've seen, including the Pier 1 Imports Hayworth collection, are out of my budget. So I decided to design my own and enlisted my handy husband to help build it.

What You'll Need...

  • 4' x 8' MDF (5/8" thickness)
  • 2' x 4' MDF (1/4" thickness)
  • Brad Nails (1 1/2")
  • Wood Glue
  • Full Length Beveled Edge Mirror (I used a 16" x 58")
  • Mirror Mastic Adhesive
  • Caulking Gun
  • Decorative Wood Moulding (to fit the edge of your table top)
  • Mirror Tiles (I like Beveled Edge)
  • Metallic Paint (We used Rustoleum brand)
  • Martha Stewart Metallic Vintage Gold Paint (Optional for a faux antiqued finish)
  • Crystal or Acrylic Drawer Pulls/Knobs
I purchased all of these items at Lowes and Home Depot, except the two small crystal drawer pulls I already had from Habitat For Humanity's The Restore.

Those are the basics, you'll also need a few simple woodworking tools in the hands of a skilled craftsman or craftswoman. 

How-To DIY Mirrored Vanity Video

How Do You Get Started?
The very first thing I did, was look for the mirrors I wanted to use. I based all of the measurements around those mirrors. Once you find the "Stars" of your project, you can design with their measurements in mind.

Then figure your vanity height, around 30" is standard. We made the shelving cubicles 30"H, with the Vanity Top it's 31"H. But you can make it shorter or taller, whatever works for you.

Decide if you want legs, shelves or drawers holding up your vanity. Instead of making legs, I wanted exposed shelves for extra storage and was inspired by the Closet Maid shelving cubicles that I own and love using for organizing. The shelving measurements I matched with the mirrored tiles I bought, 12 x 12. Add a few millimeters when you cut the shelves, so the mirrors can slide into place comfortably.

You could leave it very simple with just a table top set on 2 sets of shelves. Or add a few drawers. I opted for shallow drawers. So when building the shelving cubicles we left 4" of space free at the top, for the drawers to sit. For the middle drawer, we measured, cut and nailed in a piece of MDF that spans across from one cubicle to the other, level with the two side drawers, for the middle drawer to sit.

Best to watch our DIY Mirrored Vanity video for this project. While we're certainly not pro furniture makers, nor do we have the ideal tools for building furniture… We definitely had a great time making it and I love the outcome, it really added a luxurious glamorous feel to my room.

How Much Did It Cost?
Total cost $150. You can definitely cut this cost down. I splurged on the Beveled edge mirrors. I also spent more than necessary experimenting with three different paints but now I have plenty leftover for future projects. I have leftover MDF scraps for other projects as well.

Is Mirrored Furniture Hard To Clean?
Not much more than my previous glass top vanity. I actually enjoy dusting a few times a week anyway, mirrors are one of my favorite things to clean, what a weirdo right!? I know! Anyway, for those of you who love mirrored furniture, you know it's so worth a little extra effort.


Here it is with the faux antique finish using Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Vintage Gold.

After shooting this video, I discovered Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Polished Silver, it's gorgeous! So I ended up layering on a little more silver. I love layering paint anyway, it gives such brilliant dimension to otherwise standard finishes.

I also found two mirrored boxes at Ross, for my nail polish storage. I tried keeping my polishes out in the open but I didn't love the overall look, they made the room appear cluttered. So I prefer to keep them neat and tidy in their new mirrored boxes.

It fits my taste perfectly for this room, glam but rough around the edges... Or what I like to call, Cottage Glam.

I can't wait to move in! I've had my makeup stored in the same Sterilite drawers since 2008. They served their purpose well but it was time for a change, they were looking quite bland. Besides that, after  downsizing my makeup "collection" I no longer needed ugh… six drawers of space?! Ahh brilliant! Finally on my way to a smaller, more delightful and better organized makeup collection. Now that's cause for celebration!

I hope our DIY Mirrored Vanity project sparked some ideas for you! My next project is making custom drawer dividers!

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  1. Ugh, I was so looking forward to watching how you created this but when I tried the video is marked private :(

  2. You beat me! Haha, I was just in the middle of making the blog post and video public. ;D

  3. Wow, You are a very clever pair!!! Absolutely loved it

  4. I love it! You and Michael are so creative, you design beautiful things!
    Can you 'send' me some of your creativity Christine? Haha ;-)
    I'm looking forward to your next video on your channel. Love to see how you are moving your make-up in.
    You inspire me a lot! Thank you!

  5. Love love all of these videos. You truly inspire me! I will be visiting black rock area, Maui again possibly next year! Plz keep the videos coming!

  6. love these videos please do a tour after do you have any ideas for a kitchen.

  7. Were did you get that circle mirror on top of your vanity

  8. Great job! It's beautiful and it will encourage you to keep it simple with items in view. Love!

  9. Pink just watched your video on the pretty body dust with shimmer.... is it okay to use corn starch instead of arrowroot powder ? other then online I'm not able to find the arrowroot powder, and I wanted to surprise my sister with a quick gift ! thanks honey your the best XOXO Alma (

  10. I just found your channel and you tube and had to see how you did your vanity. I must say its beautiful and will be doing this with DIY with my hubby. Thank you for posting this.

  11. This is my most favorite diy project of yours. I also got my first bottle of 3M adhesive, from my shop. Thanks so much for doing wonderful projects :)