The Cutest Way To Store Your False Lashes

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Oh my, this is where two delightful obsessions meet! Makeup and Japanese design! 

There's something about the Japanese makeup industry that lures me in, like a butterfly to a flower garden in full bloom. You just know there's sweet nectar to be had and all that beautiful packaging makes it even better.

I recently discovered this false lash case on Etsy. The Beauty Marque is the Etsy store. Bella Bean is the store owner and she was so lovely to send me this lash case to share with you all here on my blog. I'm sure you'll be seeing it regularly in my YouTube videos as well. You know how I love my false lashes and this is by far the cutest way to store and display pairs that are currently in use. 

Pure gorgeous girlie-ness laced with plush pinks, doll-eye lashes and darling bows. 

The lash case or compact is manufactured for Daiso Japan. If you're not familiar with Daiso Japan, they have several stores and design really cute products, very Kawaii style.

 The lash case is approximately 4" in diameter and fits up to three pair of false lashes. There's also space for a small tube of lash glue. 

Visit The Beauty Marque on Etsy. 
Get 10% Off with promo code Foxy10 at checkout. 

Shipping was lightening fast and they offer different lash set options with the case. I got the Japanese lashes, Dailamei in #613 and I'm looking forward to wearing them soon. 

I've seen several similar designs though you usually have to purchase overseas and shipping can take forever. I'm terribly impatient when it comes to two things: Gardening (waiting for stuff to grow) and Snail Mail (waiting for cute stuff to arrive in the mail). 

If you have a lash case you love or lash storage ideas, share in the comments! 
xoxo, Christine

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  1. It is so cute!! But I never wear false lashes....argh ;-)
    Have fun with it! Btw I love your organized closet video. If you see mine I think you will totally freak out haha! I will start with putting the same colors together....greetings from Holland!

  2. Adorable, almost makes me want false lashes ;)

  3. Terribly cute. I use crafting plastic grids to keep small stuff separate and accessible. It's totally customizable, and is great for stud style earrings.

  4. OMG! This case is super cute. I have the same lashes.