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Sunday, February 23, 2014

You may have seen my bathroom vanity makeover, I posted a video of the transformation on my YouTube channel earlier this month.

Yep, still loving it! So I decided it should have it's own blog post as well, to share all the before and after photos.

So let's begin!

Bathroom Organizing Ideas For Small Bathrooms

After much neglect, it was time to finally organize that dank space under my bathroom sink. 
Here's what it looked like before. Not totally out of control but there was absolutely no organization happening here.

I started by cleaning everything out and measuring the space I had to work with. I went to Home Depot, bought a piece of 1/4" MDF. Michael cut it to my measurements and I made this shelf using my hot glue gun.

Figuring out a way to conceal the plumbing was high on my priority list for this project. I went to Walmart and picked up two sheets of foam board, measured and cut it into pieces to fit my space. I covered them with white on white damask print vinyl fabric using spray adhesive. Then hot glued them together where necessary to create a sort of miniature room divider.

Here's how it looked with just the two side pieces of foam board, they're wedged against the sides and the plumbing knobs on the back wall.

I couldn't leave that drain pipe showing, so I made a pipe cover out of foam board as well and slid it into place. So basically it's just three simple pieces pressed up against the back wall. Nothing is permanent, in case there's ever a plumbing problem it can all be removed quickly.

I found these two awesome crates at Ross to use under the shelf as drawers. I decided to paint them white. I loved the grey wash but since they were going into a dark cabinet, I wanted them white to help reflect as much light as possible.

I slid my new "drawers" into place and went to work organizing my things in their freshened up new powder room. 

Here's who moved into the first crate, extra toothpaste and toothbrush back-ups (we shop Costco and end up with a gallon of toothpaste and a metric ton of toilet paper). In front of that, is my white Dior box, it came free with a Miss Dior Cherie perfume I bought years ago. Funny, I've gotten more use out of this box than the perfume. 

My Dior box has stored many items over the years, and now it's home to my girlie supplies; tampons, liners, and back-up venus razors. Removing products from their original retail packaging and providing them with prettier storage boxes and containers, adds elegance and organization to basics like these.  Making them and you happier!

The other crate houses my hair supplies; L'Oreal Quick Blue Lightener, Creme Developers, Wella Toners, Protein Filler, Shower Caps, etc...

I was asked where I keep my everyday hair supplies and tools, such as; blowdryer, flatiron, combs/brushes, hair things... They live a life of luxury in these mirrored drawers, in my vanity room. 

(I still can't get over these curtains, totally in love with them! And they were only $5.99 a panel at Ross, score!)

I found a few new items to help me get organized. These apothecary jars work great for storing cotton products like Q-Tips, Cotton Balls and Cotton Pads.

I already had this long acrylic container, it's divided into three compartments, my sea sponge lives in the first one (great for facials), cotton balls in the middle and extra floss in the last one. Perched on top is my Aura Cacia Vanilla room spray.

I set this small acrylic container on top of the big one, and use it to store my nail brush and and clippers.

I found these beautiful washcloths and hand towel at Ross, crisp white with light minty aqua fleur de lis, damask print. (loves it!)

On the other side, is this super awesome casserole dish (yep, you heard me right). I found it in the kitchen aisle at Ross. I locked onto it at first glance, it was sitting there on the shelf looking oh so cool and minty fresh! 

I keep my favorite body lotions, body scrubs and a back-up puff in here. Super easy to wash too if I spill any lotions or scrubs in it.

When looking for organizers, there's tons of neat options, you just gotta think outside the typical box and bins sometimes. ;)

My cleaning supplies felt they no longer fit in and decided they wanted to live elsewhere in the house. So they moved into my linen closet, just outside our bathroom. Except for the toilet bowl cleaner which now lives behind the toilet next to the brush.

Again, here's the BEFORE.

...And here's the AFTER!
(Yay! No more dank dungeon). 

I'm very VERY happy with how it all came together. And the end result, a now totally refreshed, functional space with an uplifting spa-like atmosphere. It houses all of the basics I need and none of what I don't... the clutter. 

Loves it!

I'm currently working on some ideas for the rest of our bathroom, which shouldn't take too much longer, since it's tiny! That'll be in a separate video and blog post.

Thanks for stopping in and hanging out with my today.
xoxo, Christine

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  1. You did AWESOME girl, I Love it. I would Never have thought to "decorate" the bathroom cabinet but then why not :) Looks so pretty and I agree, spa-like. Now, I want to see what you have up your sleeve for the kitchen.

  2. I agree with Tracy! Love the idea of organising the bathroom cabinet in such a creative way. I'm planning on doing something like this in my bathroom now :) Thank you Christine! xoxo

  3. I saw your video about it, great job! Mostly bathrooms are neglected, but yours turned into a relaxing Spa room already. I can't wait to see the other projects for your bathroom. Love the mini towels. The minty colors are so fresh! Xoxo

  4. So pretty! I'm going to do mine now! I loved your drawer separator things too.