Grey Room Decor Ideas

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Being from a rainy coastal town in the Pacific Northwest, the weather was grey nine months out of the year. So I never considered decorating with grey, especially since my family's home had outdated wood paneling... Adding grey to that situation would've only increased the drab factor.

Well a lot has changed since those days. I moved from Oregon to Hawaii, which freed me from the grey weather. Then after updating our cottage to an airy white/cream color palette, I was ready to incorporate an accent color. I wanted to keep it neutral, chic and cottage glam (as I like to call it). Then I had one of those Ah-Hah! moments. While shopping in Ross, I discovered a snazzy white shower curtain with subtle grey damask print and so it began... my obsession with grey home decor accents.

Grey is a very special kind of neutral, it's chic, cool and sophisticated. Grey has depth and complexity, it adds visual interest to a room without interrupting a calming atmosphere.

I've been searching for a storage ottoman to use in my vanity room and recently found this beauty hiding all alone in the furniture section at Ross. It had just arrived that morning, I know because I was there the previous morning... (ok the previous several mornings, ah hem, *clears throat guiltily* Listen, I have to check often because the good stuff sells out within minutes of being put out on the retail floor.) 

Ross customers here are like sharks, circling, waiting to strike. Plus I was in need of a lamp... Yes I realize I came home with an ottoman, not a lamp. That's just how I roll.  It was in my colors! It's got a pretty wild print going on, but I'm into Moroccan print and that was close enough for me! I love the contrast in my room of all cream, white and mirrors.

It'll make a lovely place to throw my... well, throw. Which is super plush and quilted (loves it!) I scored that at Ross a few weeks ago. 

Moroccan Print Jewelry Organizer

While cruising Ross' aisles with an ottoman crammed into my shopping cart, I happened upon this delightful chinchilla grey jewelry display, a bracelet T-bar. 

I turned the corner of one of my favorite aisles (you know, the one with all the decorative boxes) I spotted it on the shelf and we locked eyes instantly. I found it incredibly charming with it's Moroccan print and chinchilla grey velvet. So for $3.99 it had to come home with me too. 

Thanks for stopping in and hanging out with me today!

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  1. Haha, :) so funny how you tell the story of you shopping at Ross. Would you like to take us with you to Ross sometime? ( thats another good reason to be there right? ;) lol )
    That ottoman is lovely and it fits perfect in your room. Your room becomes more beautiful every day! Xoxo

    1. But please you don't need an excuse for shopping Christine! I wanted to tell you that...<3

  2. Score!! Love the ottoman and what a great accent piece in your already lovely room.

  3. Looks lovely Christine! Everything goes together so well! xoxo

  4. I grew up in western Washington, so I totally understand your feelings about constant grey skies. I now live in Montana, which happens to have giant blue skies, and sunny days!
    I love grey home decor as well! I like to mix it with warm or cool colors... It's so fun to see what treasures you find at Ross.

  5. I'm loving your color combo! Thanks for the tips. I'm all for Janine's idea of you taking us to Ross. I'd love to see another day-in-the-life video.