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Friday, February 21, 2014

I've been dying to have my own vanity room forever, I suppose one could call it a girl-cave, but I kinda like the sound of glam room better. Anyway, when we moved into a new cottage last December, I was so excited when my husband said "You should use the spare room for your closet and stuff." Sounds good to me! So I went to work organizing all of my girlie belongings into this room.

...And three months later I'm still organizing, decorating and getting situated in here. I should give you fair warning, I decorate at a snails pace, being on a budget and having limited shopping options will do that. With that said, here's a peek at how the glam room looks currently. Though I have a tendency to change things up a lot, I think the Lowes motto sums me up pretty well, "Never Stop Improving." Plus I mess up a lot so there's always room for improvement.

Let's start on the top shelf, shall we. I found this acrylic makeup organizer at Ross. I've seen many different styles come through Ross but this one was extra awesome because it has a drawer! It was basically love at first sight... And because I have a thing for symmetry I thought it best to buy two. 

With all the different size compartments, you can store just about any combination of makeup in these organizers. 

This is my newest thrift store find, a silver vanity tray for only 99 cents at Savers, what a score! It was the exact size I wanted too. 

It's perfect for holding glittering pieces of costume jewelry, like cocktail rings or these sparkling chandelier earrings. 

I set my Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Dusts on it as well. In the background is a luscious Creamy Vanilla candle by Village Candle, I found it at Ross for $8.99. You know how I feel about candles and pillows... I have a deep affinity for these happy little home accessories. Yes, just like Bob Ross and his "happy little trees."

On the bottom shelf, I have Zoya nail polish stored in this mirrored box, from Ross. A pretty way to organize your nail polish and keep it looking glam. 

And since I'm a Zoya nail polish connoisseur (kidding but yeah I'm a total Zoya fiend, I mean fan;) I actually have two of these boxes, one on each side. 

On this shelf, I have an old Glossy Box that I use for false lash storage. See that delightful pink container with the bow? Yep, that's for storing false lashes that have been worn but aren't ready to throw out yet. 

I also found a small acrylic stand that I used to display an ammonite fossil (nerd alert!) However, I'm protective over my ammonites, so they hide out in my jewelry box. Instead, I decided to display a favorite Too Faced palette (The Bronzed and the Beautiful). 

So here's the right side of my vanity shelving.

And here's the left side.

On top of the vanity, are two 3-tier glass shelves by Essential Home, that I got at Kmart a few years ago. They're awesome but can easily look over crowded and cluttery if I'm not careful. I particularly don't like black on these shelves because it makes them look heavy and well, like a black hole, it steals all the glamorous, sparkling light away (yes, I'm a space nerd). 

On the bottom is a cream faux leather office organizer with an extremely cute little drawer (loves it!) On the middle shelf, is an acrylic makeup organizer (both are from Ross.) On the very top, is an acrylic pen/pencil organizer from Office Max. 

Did I mention I like symmetry? Yep, this side is basically a mirror image with the same displays, just different makeup products. I enjoy keeping my prettier items, especially lipsticks with shiny glam packaging out and about where I can see them and remember to wear them. 

There you have it folks, an overview of my vanity organizers and how I utilize them for makeup storage. And if you haven't seen it yet, here's my YouTube video of how I organized it all.

I'll be sharing more on makeup organization and storage when I take you inside my vanity drawers. Keep on the lookout for that post, coming soon!

Thanks for stopping in and hanging out with me today!

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  1. I love your vanity room and your organizing videos. Thank you for sharing and I hope you keep doing them more :)

  2. So happy for you that you have your own room now to decorate and store all your beautifull things. I follow your organization journey and I love it that you keep busy with it ;) haha keep going. I enjoy all your videos. I'm checking every day! Love xoxo from the Netherlands.

  3. I love how clean and white it all looks. Beautiful!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  4. I love your vanity! so clean and fresh and those curtains are the cutest.

  5. I just watched your 6 part video on decluttering your vanity and all I've got to say is "You've come a long way baby!". Thanks for the inspiration =)

  6. Just lovely I have been watching all your videos. In one video you said you use two top sheets on your bed. How are you using the second sheet?

  7. I love your curtains, i know you bought them at Ross. Do you still have a pictue of the packaging? I would like to know the name of the company(brand) please. Thank you! Love your blog!!

  8. I SOOOOOOO love your blog and video's! They're awesome! I wish I was as crafty as you...
    Oh well, at least I'm crafty in some other ways. And I have to say, I just LOVE your storage stuff!
    I AM JEALOUS!!! Especially since I can't get most of the stuff because I live oversea. (ANNOYING!!!) Oh well, can't wait untill your next post! Bye!

  9. My daughter and I LOVE your videos. You have inspired us to get organized and are now getting rid of LOTS of clutter! :-) One question: did KMart stop selling the glass 3 tier shelves? We have searched high and low for them as my daughters wants them desperately. We live in New Orleans and have checked as far as Baton Rouge for them. I know products vary from state to state so I'm afraid we won't be able to them here. Any suggestions?