Zoya Spring Collections 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Hi Dolls! Zoya Spring 2014 is here and looking mighty fine. Today we'll browse the NEW Magical Pixie, a holographic version of Zoya's original best-selling PixieDust formula. Awaken, a spring color palette of metallic shimmers and soft creams. And of course, Monet, a holographic topper, love child of twinkling fairy dust and cupcake sprinkles!

Let's start with my current obsession, shall we?! 

Meet "Dot" she's from the Awaken collection. Dot is a luscious shade of creamy strawberry pink frosting. Full coverage in 3 thin coats.

Meet "Monet" the holographic topper and star of the show. Monet is like sparkling cupcake sprinkles... You kinda wanna eat'em but can't cause it's your secret potion of twinkling fairy dust that magically makes your day better when you look at it. ;)

Holographic nail polish does take a little more work to apply, getting those large flat pieces to disperse evenly and lay smoothly over the nail can be a challenge sometimes. I found Monet applied fairly easily if I dipped the brush into the bottle only once, give it a swirl to pick the amount of pieces you want, apply that single dollop onto your nail and brush it out with a few light strokes. It starts to dry rather quickly, so if you must double dip, do it fast, otherwise you might not get a smooth, even application. 

My Current Nail Polish Obsession: Dot and Monet

This combination has PinkSoFoxy written all over it! It's fun, girlie, pink and sparkles amazingly in the sunlight. Looking at it brightens my day and makes my heart smile.

 Now that I've dedicated half of this post to two of the colors (cause that's how my obsessions roll), let's move on the the rest... All of the swatches below are 2 coats, except Dot is 3 thin coats.

 Magical Pixie 2014

 Magical Pixie is a holographic version of Zoya's original best-selling PixieDust formula. 

Lux, a sparkling rose quartz. 

Cosmo, a sparkling crystallized silver. 

Vega, a sparkling blue opal. 

Awaken Spring 2014

Awaken, a spring color palette of metallic shimmers and soft creams. 

Cole, a full coverage peach cream. 

Dot, a pink petal cream. Full coverage in 3 thin coats.
(You met her already)

Brooklyn, a full coverage white gold metallic shimmer.

Hudson, a full coverage purple orchid metallic with silver shimmer.

Dillon, a full coverage mint green metallic with silver shimmer.

Rebel, a full coverage blue sky metallic with silver shimmer.


For me, the most exciting discovery within these collections was Dot and Monet, totally obsessed with this yummy strawberry shortcake look, as my husband calls it. If you tend to prefer creams, rather than metallic shimmers or textured glitters, choices are limited here. Dot and Cole are the only creams, they are both gorgeous spring shades with a smooth formula and application. Cole is a sunny peach and well worth checking out. 

The other colors in Awaken are metallics. Brooklyn is a very shiny bright metallic gold, think molten gold, it's very chrome-like. Hudson, Dillion and Rebel are very similar in formula and all have silver shimmer. Dillon was the standout here for me, a unique minty green. 

In Magical Pixie, Lux is the star of the collection, with Cosmo coming in a close second. Both apply fairly easily, considering they're loaded with tons of sparkle and holographic hexagon particles, two light coats and astronauts will be able to see your nails gleaming from outer space. 

Vega, an iridescent shimmering mermaid color, was unfortunately my least favorite. I had a hard time getting my mermaid scales to lay flat and smooth. The formula appeared thicker than Lux and Cosmo, so it dried looking a bit chunky on me. That's ok though, I'm more of a strawberry shortcake girl anyway. ;)

PinkSoFoxy's Favorites: Dot, Monet, Lux.

Well dolls, there you have it, Zoya's Spring Collections 2014.
I would love the hear what you think, do any of these colors strike your fancy?

Zoya Nail Polish can be purchased on their website here, Zoya.com

A huge thank you to Zoya for sending these samples for swatches and review.
As always, you get my honest opinion.

Thanks for stopping in and hanging out!

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  1. Love spring season and all the colors that comes with it! I like the cream colors the most, the peachy Cole and Dot. But also loves the minty Dillon and the purple one! The first picture is so attractive and happy with those colorful feathers. Are those scarves? It fits perfect with the Zoya collection! Can't wait for spring here, the winter is very soft in the Netherlands this year, so many flowers and blossoms are growing already! Yay! Thanks for showing this bright Zoya collection! Xoxo

  2. I'm loving the Awaken collection and definitely getting Dot. Thanks for the great photos it really helps, Its so hard to tell what the colors on the website will really look like.

  3. I'm really excited about this new collection. Dot, Monet, Lux, & Dillon are for me! I love seeing your pics of the colors on your nails outside. It's so helpful to see the sheen and sheerness in the sun. Thanks Christine <3 Trace

  4. I forgot to ask.. Your nails are shaped so beautifully and I tried to watch your video about the crystal file but its no longer available. Can you tell me the brand and where I can purchase one of those files? The glass one I have seems to make my nails peel. Thank you Christine.. {{Hugs}}

  5. Such great colors. Have to get Monet and Lux. Thank you. Hugs. <3

  6. GREAT COLORS! love everything from your channel! Since you really like baby pink nail polish, I highly recommend that you should check out Erika by Zoya (not sure if you have it or not). Its a similar color as Dot but with a bit of gold shimmer in it ;)