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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hi Everyone! 
Remember this dresser? It's my Craigslist find that we did a makeover on. Well its certainly become a favorite of mine, though its remained totally empty for the past week. I wanted to give the fresh paint a little extra time to cure before stuffing it full of my belongings. 

The first tenants to move into the new palace? My jewelry! Previously they were all crammed into jewelry boxes, which made it somewhat difficult to locate specific pieces when I wanted to wear them, so they just wouldn't get worn. 

Instead, I decided to dedicate one of the smallest drawers in my dresser to jewelry. Which can also be tricky because jewelry drawers can easily turn into a scattered mass of sparklies. And while it would be awesome to open your drawer and see mountains of jewels sliding around like something from the Hobbit dragon scene, I imagine it's inefficient for everyday accessories. Not to mention I don't wanna give lizards the option of sleeping in my jewels, we have a lot of cheeky geckos in Hawaii you know. ;)

So I created 3 DIY jewelry displays for organizing my most worn jewelry and delicate fine chain necklaces. I'm loving the new set-up, it's functional, easy to maintain and so pretty to look at every time I open my drawer.

My step by step video for DIY jewelry organizers.

For the sake of keeping my blog posts simple, I'm going to write a separate post for each of the jewelry displays shown in my video.

Part 1: DIY Ring Organizer/Display

I bought this tray at the craft store years ago. It wasn't being used, so I cleaned it up...

...and painted it in Behr Tide Pools, a creamy aquamarine, it's the same color as inside my dresser drawers.

I bought 5 pieces of felt at the craft store and measured them to fit my tray.

I cut all of the felt to the width of my tray.

Roll up each piece of felt.

Place them into the tray, one by one.

The trick to polished appearance here is to make sure your felt isn't too long. If it's even slightly too long, it'll press up against the sides of the tray, causing the ends to crinkle. So if you see any crinkling, go ahead and trim the felt a tiny bit more, it'll give you a cleaner look when you're all done.

I found this fabric at my local fabric mart, which I thought was gray and white striped, turns out I was looking at the backside and it's actually black and white. But I wanted my gray and white stripes and this was perfect, so we're using it inside out!

I cut the fabric to the width of my tray (same as the felt) and about 2 1/2 times as long. This is a synthetic fabric, prone to fraying, similar to satin ribbon. So I ran my lighter along the edges of the fabric to seal the edge, which stops it from fraying.

Remove one piece of rolled felt and tuck the end of the fabric inside the tray.

Place the felt back into the tray.

Flip the fabric over.

Pulling from the loose end of the fabric, begin tucking the fabric down in between each piece of rolled felt.

Continue on, pressing the fabric to the bottom of the tray between each piece of felt.

When you reach the end, tuck the last bit of fabric into the side of your tray.

And you're done! Now you're ready to arrange your rings into place.

If you do this project, I would love to see! Post a link or tell me about it in the comments!

xoxo, Christine

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  1. I've been really LOVING all of your DIY videos and posts ... Thank you so much, they are really helpful and inspiring.


  2. You have very special rings, gorgeous!
    They deserve such a nice ring holder.
    Last summer I found an old wooden box at a antique market in Madrid and I keep my jewelery in that box.

  3. I seriously LOVE this jewelry drawer. As soon as I find a suitable drawer, I'm totally going to copy your DIYs. I wouldn't want any lizards moving in to my piles of jewels either. Though, piles of jewels does sound lovely! You're so creative... thanks for sharing your projects with us!