DIY Thrift Store Frame Makeover

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hey guys, 
A couple of weeks ago, I was meandering through a local thrift store and found this frame,  it's solid wood and made in Mexico. Neat huh!?

Though it didn't look anything like this when I found it. 

It actually looked like this…

Yep, there he be… dressed in black velvet that had definitely seen better days. The wood was stained quite dark and was looking pretty scruffy. Apparently he'd been living at the thrift store for quite some time and no one had wanted him. 

Then I came along, like a pack rat, digging for bits and pieces to fuss with in my nest. I immediately locked onto this one, noticing the fine ornate detailing. I knew it was a special piece. I flipped it over and saw it was made in Mexico. Bingo! I'm half Mexican, so this baby was coming home with me and we could be Mexican together. And for only $2.00?! Sold baby, sold!

I took him home and gave him a much needed makeover. The yummy minty aquamarine color on the frame is Behr Tide Pools, my current favorite paint color. I used Rustoleum universal metallic spray paint in Pure Gold on the inner border and to highlight the details. Added crystal acrylic knobs from D. Lawless Hardware for a touch of glamour, plush tufting in white faux suede, and 2 yards of gold rope trim that matches the Rustoleum paint perfectly completes the look. 

Now he's lookin' super snazzy and chic, like he belongs in an upscale boutique or something.

I decided to put him here, just to the left of my dresser, the two of them hit it off beautifully together. 

I used Command Strips by 3M, to attach him to the wall. They're damage free adhesive strips and totally awesome for all kinds of home decor projects. These guys are perfect for decorating in rentals and apartments, where you don't want to be poking a lot of holes in the walls.

Everything you'll want to know about this DIY Thrift Store Frame Makeover is in my video here:

I hope this sparked some DIY project ideas for you. Thanks for stopping by my blog, have fun and happy DIY'ing!


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  1. Such a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing another great DIY!

  2. This is great, was really curious about what you would do to it when you showed it in the last video and I was not dissapointed.

  3. It looks really cute! Thank for the video!

    xoxo Nadine

  4. Hi Christine, the frame is beautiful! I saw it in your Maui vlog and I was sure you would make it a lovely piece.
    You also inspire me to go to thrift stores more often. Never know what treasures are hiding there!

  5. What?! You made it look like that?! REALLY nice!! ::RESPECT::, my dear, ::respect::. Kara from Indiana :)

  6. It looks gorgeous! you have done such a good job x

  7. I find every DIY project that you do so inspirational! Love your creative vision and the process of transforming something ordinary into an unique, beautiful and useful item. I love the delicate necklaces you have displayed in the frame especially the small golden sun. Would you please share where it is from? Thank you! xx

  8. I love your organization videos. You inspired me to seriously start purging around my house. Thank you for the motivation! Would love to see more organizing videos :)