Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Summer 2014 Preview

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zoya Tickled & Bubbly for Summer 2014, is now available for pre-order! Grab your faves before they sell out! I'm kinda experiencing a gotta-have-it panic attack. You know the feeling... Until you're actually holding what could be the hottest nail color of the summer, in your perfectly pretty polished little finger tips, there's that bit of anxiety nibbling at you, saying, "Don't miss out on this one!"

Zoya Tickled
No wall-flowers here… Six pigment packed, full coverage cream shades to glide onto your nails. Be ready to stand out in the crowd - the eyes of the world will swoon over these beauties.

Ling: True Blue Cream.
Tilda: Mantis Green Cream.
Rooney: Hollywood Pink Cream.
Kitridge: Carnation Pink Cream.
Wendy: Tickle Pink Cream.
Rocha: Folly Red Cream. 

Zoya Bubbly
Six dazzling hues loaded with shimmering holographic glitter particles. This is color made to dance in the light and deliver great color well into the night! Buildable formula - great for layering.

Muse: Mermaid Blue Metallic, Holographic Glitter. 
Stassi: Jade Green Metallic, Holographic Glitter.
Harper: Mexican Pink Metallic, Holographic Glitter. 
Binx: Purple Orchid Metallic, Holographic Glitter.
Jesy: Coral Orange Metallic, Holographic Glitter. 
Alma: Golden Peach Metallic, Holographic Glitter. 

Since this is only the preliminary information, I have yet to play with any of these. But I can say that Tickled & Bubbly has got the look of summer. So get ready for fun in the sun, with bold bikini colors and beachy goodness!

**Available for pre-order now! Product is expected to ship early May.

  • Where? zoya.com 
  • How Much? $9
  • What else? Zoya Nail Polishes are Big 5-Free - toxin free nail polish and treatment formulas contain no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor... Cheers to healthier beauty products!

PinkSoFoxy Faves:

Zoya Kitridge

Zoya Rooney

Zoya Wendy
Zoya Rocha

Zoya Harper

Zoya Binx

Zoya Alma

What colors are on your lust-have-it list? 

Images courtesy of Zoya.com, images subject to copyright.

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  1. Summer it is! What a colors, love it!
    The pink ones are my faves, Harper the most of all! :)

    1. Thanks Janine, So colorful and fun, just what we needed for summer! I agree, loving the pinks! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Yesss! Harper looks so gorgeous! A must-have for sure!! :)

  3. HARPER IS SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!MUST-HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))

  4. Of the ones shown, I sure love Harper the best. But I'm sure Muse would be my kind of color too. I love thouse turquise blue-green ish colors -and as all my polishes, the sparkly'er, glittery'er and shiny'er the better! :D

    Janni aka Gulde <>< Gulde.dk

  5. Hi Christine!
    I found your videos last week and have been loving them. Thanks for all the work and product testing you do!
    I hadn't heard of Zoya before you, but it just makes so much sense to have a more natural product. Who knows what's in all that nail polish in my closet. (Throws away.)
    I ordered a bunch just now through your link, (so I hope you get a commission from it!)
    Thanks again. Looking forward to the next video.

  6. Rooney and Kitridge are my faves. I used to wear any colours but now have realised as Im getting older that pinks are the best colours on me.