Zoya Tickled And Bubbly For Summer 2014

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Aloha Everyone! 
Summer is almost here! With the sunny, carefree days of summer ahead, it's time to get our manis and pedis looking good for sandal season. Zoya has recently released their new Tickled & Bubbly Collections for Summer 2014. 

Zoya Tickled Summer 2014

Six bold and bright summery creams, opaque in two coats. I noticed the formula of these were slightly thicker. All swatches were photographed with two coats in sunlight.

Zoya Kitridge
Zoya Kitridge is a bright bubblegum pink. 

Zoya Rooney
Zoya Rooney is a mid-range magenta pink. 

Zoya Wendy 
Zoya Wendy is a juicy summer melon. A creamy coral with a hint of neon.

Zoya Rocha
Zoya Rocha is a classic folly red cream with warm undertones that enhance a summer glow.

Zoya Tilda
Zoya Tilda is a warm mantis green cream.

Zoya Ling
Zoya Ling is a vibrant royal blue cream. Balanced to flatter most skin tones. 
(This was a surprisingly tough color to capture. Inside my house it appeared to have a slight hint of teal but outside it was definitely a bright true blue. Though in my video taken outside it appears more teal-blue. Go figure. This swatch is probably the closest I'm going to get to the correct color in sunlight. ;)

Zoya Bubbly Summer 2014

Zoya Bubbly features an exclusive liquid-metal, holographic jelly formula. All swatches were photographed with two coats, except Harper which I felt needed a three thin coats. 

Zoya Harper
Zoya Harper is a cotton candy pink with spun gold shimmer with holographic sparkles.

Zoya Binx
Zoya Binx is a spicy orchid purple dappled with gold metallic and holographic sparkles.

Zoya Alma
Zoya Alma is a warm golden peach metallic with holographic sparkles.

Zoya Jesy
Zoya Jesy is a fiery coral orange metallic with holographic sparkles.

Zoya Stassi
Zoya Stassi is a vibrant citron green with gold metallic and holographic sparkle.

Zoya Muse
Zoya Muse is a blue raspberry fizz with gold metallic and holographic sparkle.

What are my thoughts on this year's summer collection? 
I think these are super fun colors for summer. Since I'm attracted to coral, Zoya Wendy has quickly become a favorite. I also have a crush on Zoya Rocha. So overall, I can see those two along with Kitridge and Rooney being my go-to's from this collection.

But you know what I'm really hoping to see? 
A few fresh, light minty-aqua shades. I feel like we see a lot of bold blues from Zoya and I would just really be over-the-moon excited to have more minty tropical hues. (If anyone from Zoya reads this *hint hint* …don't forget us minty lovers! ;)

What's next in Zoya?
I'm currently waiting on Magical Pixie Summer 2014. There's three brand spanking new colors in this collection and I can hardly wait to see them in person!

Share your thoughts or favorites in the comments!


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  1. Those are beautiful!! I'll definitely be getting a few of those! :)

  2. The Stassi nail color looks great on you as well. I like the Binx and the Jesy. BTW, do you paint your own nails? How you avoid mistakes?

    1. Thanks Stephanie, Yes I always do my own nails. My best tip is to avoid "double-dipping" whenever possible. If you can dip into the bottle once per nail (per coat), and apply thin even coats, you can usually get a flawless application. ;)

  3. Great pics and I'm a (straight) guy! The two of you are cool people and very likable. And you are so crafty. I love your travel videos and the videos of your weekly meets or where you sell your jewelry. Make more of those please. This is off topic but I was just curious as to whether you are being paid by this Zoya company for the promo?

    1. Thanks Dave! We'll be doing more out and about on Maui videos very soon. Regarding Zoya, I'm on their media sample mailing list, which just means they send me the polish samples free of charge, so I can photograph swatches and review them. But I don't get paid or receive any compensation. Zoya has just always been my favorite nail polish brand so I really enjoy sharing their collections. :)

    2. Thanks for the reply. I was just curious about how these things work. I did not mean to imply that your review might be influenced. Even a straight guy like me can tell that's some nice nail polish. I'll look forward to the videos!

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  6. Hello Christine and All!
    I am wearing Rocha right now. It is a fun color! I'm going to get Wendy after seeing it on your nails and your swatches. I'm really surprised at how the color comes across on the Zoya site and how much more true to color the polishes are on your site!
    Also, Vitacost has the Coconut Desert Essence shampoo and conditioner in stock right now!! And for an insanely good price, better than even my heath food store on sale.

  7. Simply gorgeous!! Again, thank you for the sharing your loves!

  8. Thanks for sharing Crhistine! My favorite is Zoya wendy. It's a very pretty and a fun color.

    ♥ Crystal Michelle