DIY Bohemian Beach Cover-up

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

DIY Bohemian Beach Cover-up Video

Hi my foxes! 
Today's DIY project is by far my favorite of the summer. Let's get started!

What You'll Need...
  • 2 Yards lightweight woven fabric. TIP: Choose a fabric that has a good selvage, it's the lengthwise edge of fabric that is already a bit pre-sealed. (I used 100% natural cotton, pre-wash your fabric before starting the project, in case of shrinkage).
  • Seam Ripper 
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Total Cost: $6 (Frankly, had I seen this sarong in the store, it would have easily been several times that price and I still would have snapped it up... yep, I love it that much!)

Let's get the hardest part over with first, shall we?  Ready for it? Ok, decide what size sarong you want. You have 2 yards of fabric to play with, wrap it around you, think about how you want to wear it, you can make a full size sarong or a half sarong. 

I'm making a half sarong, so I measured around my body, taking note of how I wanted it to fit, and allowed a little extra fudge room for the fringe. Then measured and cut my fabric (68" x 24"). 

TIP: Since this is a no sew project, be sure to leave the selvage intact on the top edge of your sarong. 

This handy little tool in the hot yellow number is a seam ripper, ($3 at Walmart). Using your seam ripper, begin fraying the cut edges of your fabric. 

This part is somewhat time consuming, but once you get into the rhythm, it'll be a breeze. 

Once the fringe is going, it's easy to loosen the horizontal threads at both ends of the fabric and pull each thread out from one end. TIP: If you pull to hard on the thread it'll break, it's easier to hold the thread firmly and slide the fabric off of the thread.

If you're making extra long fringe, I found laying the fabric over the back of the sofa helped keep the fringe from getting tangled and it made removing the threads even faster. 

I loosen several horizontal threads at both ends of the fabric.

Then at the center, I use the seam ripper to catch and pull out each thread.

Removing the threads from the center was the fastest method I've found while working with long fringe.

The shorter sides of the sarong are pretty easy since the thread doesn't have as much fabric to travel through. 

Now for the knotty part, ;) Grab 1/2" sections of fringe, doesn't have to be exact, close enough will do, and tie an overhand knot at the top of the fringe.

Like this. Now repeat this step until each section of fringe has a knot.

For the second row of knots, split each section of fringe in half, combine two halves together and tie them in an overhand knot. Repeat this step until your second row of knots are complete.

Do the same for the third row of knots. Split each section of fringe in half, combine two halves together.

And tie them in an overhand knot.

Repeat this step until your third row of knots is complete.

Now for the really fun part, hitting the beach or pool and experimenting with the different ways you can wear your new swimsuit cover-up.

Girrrrl, you'll be lookin' hella fine in your new bohemian beach swimsuit cover-up! Shoot me a photo if you make one of these. 


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