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Friday, February 13, 2015

White Living Room Ideas

One of my goals this year is to share more on my blog. More fashion, fitness, food and lifestyle, more home and gardening... And tons more photos! Basically having fun as often as possible and sharing life with you fine people!

There's just something I love about browsing photos of people's homes on blogs and watching home tour videos on YouTube. You get to see the real deal, the lived-in look, a peek into someone's everyday dwelling and all the little things that reflect their personality within that space. 

When filming our living room tour video last month, I took lots of photos, so I decided to compile them into a living room "gallery" on the blog.

So here's a look at our little cottage living room.

Small Living Room Ideas

It's somewhere between a sunroom with a breakfast nook, a posh coffee bar with unlimited wifi, and a yoga retreat within a business office. It's very much tailored to what we do on a daily basis.

Tufted Linen Love Seat

This tufted linen love-seat is from Ross. The bench seat opens and it has a good amount of storage space inside. 

Fun fact, Michael has never been fond of large sofas or sectionals, his preference is small scale sleek, modern and visually lightweight furniture. Though I wouldn't mind finding a slightly larger sofa. If I found one at the right price that was sleek and white or a light neutral, I'm sure he would give me the go-ahead to upgrade.

Sweater Pillows

But we both love this piece and would still definitely keep it.

DIY Sweater Pillows

The sweater pillows are a DIY that Michael sewed, I tell you, he is so darn crafty! The faux Mongolian fur pillow is from Kmart.

Mirrored Lamp

This set of mirrored cube lamps are from Ross. The end tables are actually white faux leather ottomans from Amazon, they're super firm so they worked out great as "end tables".

Chevron Print Storage Ottoman

Currently we have this cream and greige chevron print storage ottoman (from Ross) multitasking as our "coffee table" and extra storage space for Michael's chess set. 

I've been wanting a clear lucite or acrylic coffee table forever but unfortunately no company (not even Amazon) would ship one to us. Sigh... Hawaii is awesome but you miss out on a lot of things living outside the Continental US, home furnishings is one of them. 

White Ottoman Tray

This white faux leather ottoman tray with silver nailhead trim was a DIY. My gardening book is from MFOL (Maui Friends Of The Library). That's where we purchase most of our books, best prices on the island!

Linen Curtains

The bronze and crystal curtain rods are from Ross. I like that they add a touch of contrast to our otherwise white/linen monochromatic space. But I would've been just as happy with white or silver rods, it just turned out that these were the best quality I had come across.

White Sheer Curtains

We love the look and function of layered curtains or window treatments. On each window, we have four panels of white sheer curtains from Walmart. The sheers allow plenty of light in the room without sacrificing your privacy. 

Glamorous Living Room Ideas

These extra long linen curtains are 96 inches. We have four panels on each window. They were a score at $18.99 a set in Ross. Linen curtains can cost a small fortune, even in the regular length panels. So knowing I'd probably never see that deal on 96 inchers come into our Ross again, I bought all that they had, 8 sets (2 panels in each set) and we were able to do our bedroom windows as well. 

I can't ever go back to regular length curtains, we love the pooling effect on the floor too much! It really does add a luxurious feel.

White Bistro Table Set

The glass/chrome bistro table and white faux leather bar stools are from Amazon. Michael had been wanting a bistro table since we moved into this cottage. He wanted it specifically in front of this window, so he could look out over the garden, watch the sunrise and sip his morning coffee. He spotted this one online and loved it, so I ordered it for him as a surprise and he was totally stoked when it arrived. You can now find him perched here every morning.

Phalaenopsis Orchid Care

Meet Lolita, my white Phalaenopsis Orchid. Her orchid pot is from Walmart. Though ceramic pots look lovely, for the sake of the orchid I prefer clear plastic containers, drilled with extra aeration holes and then placed in decorative ceramic pots. I can make a separate blog post on my orchids in the near future.

DIY Coasters

This set of coasters and matching box was a DIY. I used foam board, white faux leather fabric, silver/crystal beaded trim from the fabric store and a hot glue gun, super easy!

White Faux Leather Coasters

DIY Chic White Coasters

Glam Coasters

DIY Chandelier

This chandelier is a DIY from my "DIY Room Decor Ideas" video on YouTube.

DIY Crystal Chandelier

How To Hide AC Unit

What's behind door #2? An AC unit that was determined to dominate the room with it's ugly... Until I extended the curtain rod to cover that thing up. It made such a huge difference in the room! Thankfully we now only have to look at it when it's actually in use. 

Glam White Living Room Ideas

The reclaimed wood mirror is a DIY from our "DIY Weathered Wood Leaning Floor Mirror" video.

DIY Mirrored Accent Tables

Michael built a set of mirrored cube accent tables, love them!

Austrian Crystal Winter Decor

A few winter decor items that I enjoy having out during this time of year. An Austrian crystal mirrored tray and hurricane (from Ross) with a vanilla scented flameless candle (Costco), vanilla creme scent diffuser reeds (from Pier 1 Imports) and a mirrored container with a natural vanilla room spray I'm using up. Kinda have a thing for vanilla lol. And during summer it's coconut-vanilla! ;)

Glam Living Room Ideas

The ghost chair and white faux fur ottoman are from Ross. The silver sequin pillow and faux sheepskin pelt are DIY's from my "DIY Room Decor Ideas" video.

Reclaimed Wood Crate Ideas

This weathered wood and silver nailhead trim magazine crate is from Ross.

White Faux Fur Ottoman

The legs on this ottoman were originally black but I spray painted them French Beige by Rustoleum (Satin).

Desk Organization

We both work quite a bit from home and like to keep our desk and main computer in the living room.  

Cute Desk Ideas

Michael is truly the sweetest thing, almost everyday he picks me roses from our garden.

DIY Smart Phone Holder

This smart phone holder is a DIY from my "DIY Vanity/Desk Top Organizer Ideas" video.

DIY Faux Sheepskin Pelt

The ghost chair is from Ross and the faux sheepskin pelt is a DIY. (Deja Vu! Indeed, we have a set of two ;)

Glam Desk Ideas

Our glass top desk is from Office Max. 

DIY Wall Art

This wall art is a DIY project that Michael and I made together. We call it... Del Nova. Do you really want to hear this story? Probably not but since we're both here, let's talk about it. 

So as I layed out the mosaic design, I envisioned a sun bursting with solar flares or a supernova. When it was finished, I asked Michael what he thought we should name it. I was thinking "Supernova" ....He was thinking "Del Taco" ...A gringo style Mexican fast food chain? I agree they have tasty green burritos and their logo is in fact a sun. But. I can't name wall art after them. So we compromised with "Del Nova". ;)

White Home Office Ideas

On the right is a cube shelf by Closet Maid, purchased at Lowes. We keep paperwork filed in the fabric drawers and we have books and other items here.

Feng Shui

This is the second mirrored cube from the set that Michael built. Right now I just have a couple of books stacked on top temporarily. Feng Shui and Orchids.

Orchid Care

Phalaenopsis Orchid

This is Lolita's friend, another white Phalaenopsis Orchid.

Glam Room Ideas

A large Austrian crystal hurricane (from Ross) with a flameless candle (from Costco).

White Room Decor Ideas

The acrylic tissue holder is from Amazon. I never thought I could love a tissue box this much. It brings a tear to my eye :') ...and can wipe them away too.

Cube Shelf Organization

White Lotus Painting

This is one of my paintings, White Lotus. Inspired by our travels through India in 2013.

Room Tour

This cabinet was $25 at Habitat For Humanity's, The Restore.

DIY Cute Room Decor Ideas

The sweater candles are a DIY.

Silver Beaded Box

We keep our remotes in this silver beaded box (from Ross), it's handmade in India.

Tea Light Votive Candle Ideas

These tea light/votive candle holders are from Ross.

Small Cottage Ideas

The remotes we have operate the lamps and flameless candles.

Small Cottage Studio Ideas

Small House Decor Ideas

So there's our little cottage living room! It fits our day-to-day lifestyle really well and we hope you enjoyed the tour!


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  1. Christine... your home is absolutely stunning! I truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your style and taste. I'm in the process of decluttering, organizing and redecorating my boyfriend and I's current rental and I've been thinking a lot about your old motto: Less Stuff, Less Stress. You are spot on for saying that. We are planning on buying our first home this summer, so that's when the real decorating can finally begin. I'm going for your kind of all white style, but with a victorian touch with dashes silver and pastel pink. I love repainting and distressing wood furniture and I'm turning all the brown stained wood off-white. Thanks for continuing to be a great source of inspiration! Also quick question: do you have a DIY video or post on those coasters? I love how they came out!


  2. Thank you for posting this! We have moved into a place with a small living/dining space that is not light and bright, working on transforming everything! My 7 year old daughter wanted to pass on a name idea for your other orchid- Snowball. : ) Also we are using the Marina Isle paint you used for the Craigslist furniture makeover for her dresser, thank you so much!

  3. Please do the mirror cube tutorial..pretty please...

    1. she already has its this one:

      :) Hope it helps!

  4. Awesome video and peek into your adorable cottage! You inspired so many new projects for me. :)

  5. see... i think the chandelier is beautiful and i would looove to remake this diy.. but you didnt give good instructions on what the tools were you used where to find them, supply a list for us!

    that would be real helpful!