Beach Stone Night Light

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Zen Lighting

This idea comes from our small bathroom makeover project. Since it was a budget makeover, one of my goals was to spend as little as possible on the entire process but to still make an impact on the space with organic earthy textures. 

We did the entire makeover and there was just one thing missing, a subtle lowlight for nighttime. Something that could be kept on all night, safely. Oh and keeping within my budget, I also wanted it to be free. 

DIY Beach Stone Night Light

So I headed to the beach, collected some smooth stones and found an old glass cylinder vase in the house (originally from Walmart).

DIY Beach Stone Ideas

Fill the bottom of the vase with stones.

DIY River Stone Ideas

DIY Flameless Candle Night light

Place a flameless LED candle on the stones.

Natural Stones Decor Ideas

And... this is probably too easy to qualify as a DIY.  
It's like making a cup of tea with water and a tea bag, and saying hey look, DIY tea! 
Unless you're the person who invented tea bags... Then well that is a pretty nifty DIY indeed.

Zen Decor For Small Spaces

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! 
I'll be posting everyday until we get caught up to my YouTube videos and then we'll be onto new projects and posts.


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  1. Hi Christine - We follow your DIY videos and love your ideas! We need help solidifying the massage bars. Base of silicon form is mush, but top firm. What am I doing wrong? Please help as our spa party is Sunday...thank you

  2. Genius idea, so simple, yet so relaxing.
    I would love to see more videos/ blog post in the future :)