DIY Floating Cube Shelves

Thursday, March 12, 2015

How To Make Floating Cube Shelves

Some of my favorite DIY projects are the ones where you get to repurpose items you already have laying around, into something new and fresh!

Storage Solutions

Michael made these floating cube shelves (on the right) using a 1" x 6" board, approximately 8' feet long.

DIY Wooden Shelves

He cut the board into pieces and screwed them together.

How To Make Wood Shelves

We were able to get two full cubes and one half cube, or "L shape" shelf, out of the board.

How to Use Wood Filler

We used Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty to fill in the screw gaps.

How to fill gaps in wood

How To Sand Wood

Allow the putty to dry and then sand smooth.

Behr Sea Salt Paint

We painted the cubes with our favorite white paint Behr Sea Salt. I use this paint so often, we always keep a quart on hand at our house.

How to Hang Shelfs

We nailed in picture hanging hardware to the back of each cube.

DIY Install Floating Shelves

How To Install Floating Shelf

Measure the distance of the hardware on the cubes and mark those measurements on your wall. Then drill screws into each spot you marked on the wall.

How To Hang Floating Shelves on Wall

Now you're ready to hang your cube shelves. Seeing the naked screws on the wall all at once might look confusing but not to worry, it's pretty straightforward. 

Each cube hangs on two screws, positioned at the top.

How to Make Floating Shelves

The half cube or "L shape" shelf hangs on three screws, one at each point. Only because of it's awkward shape.

DIY Storage Ideas

Notice I hung the lower shelves first and the top last, it's easier to hang them in this order, if you're using similar hardware.

DIY Organizing Ideas

Floating cube shelves are great way to take a blank wall and adding that extra bit of storage space to help you get organized.

 We made this set for our bathroom, but how great would a set of floating cube shelves be in your bedroom or dressing room, decorated with a few of your favorite beauty items or perfumes?!

DIY Organizing Ideas For Small Spaces

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