DIY Zen Living Wall Art

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

DIY Zen Living Wall Art

In part of creating a more zen atmosphere in my dressing room, the idea popped into my head, to somehow turn my small collection of air plants into a form of living wall art. 

How To Mount Air Plants

Target just opened here on Maui this month, it was an exciting day in the Kobzeff household. While browsing the aisles of their bright and shiny new store, I spotted this natural fiber woven table runner. 
It was exactly what I'd envisioned, so I grabbed one and ran off to the checkout line. I also had a couple of tiny white cement adobe looking plant pots in hand... but that's another post. 

DIY Zen Wall Art

DIY Zen Living Wall Art

DIY Air Plant Mounting Ideas

How To Make Living Wall Art Using Air Plants.

How To Mount Spanish Moss

Fold over one end of the table runner, leave enough room to fit a wooden dowel rod inside the fold.

How To Wall Art Ideas

Sew a straight line across the folded edge, basically we're just creating a hem.

How To Sew Raffia

We used this extra strong button craft thread.

Mounting Spanish Moss

Slip a wooden dowel rod inside the hemmed edge of the table runner. 

Table Runner Project Ideas

How To Mount Wall Art

Decide how you want to hang your wall art. 
We're using picture hanging hardware, this requires drilling screws into the wall. 
But if you're renting and prefer a damage free method, you can use Command hooks and hang the table runner with a strong twine. 

Picture Hanging Hardware Ideas

Natural Wall Art Ideas

I measured and drilled two screws into the wall, then hung the table runner. 

Spanish Moss Care

This room is bright and breezy with large windows, Spanish Moss appreciates indirect lighting and plenty of air circulation.

How To Grow Spanish Moss

My Spanish Moss came on these plastic coated hooks. I've been told by local growers, certain types of metal can be harmful to Spanish Moss. So far, my Spanish moss has been happily growing and multiplying quite well. I don't want to take any chances, so I'll keep them away from any metal, just to be safe.

DIY Spanish Moss Ideas

Hanging Spanish Moss on the woven table runner.

DIY Burlap Ideas

I needed some natural twine, so I dug through my bag of fabric and found this old scrap of burlap. I pulled out several pieces of twine, for mounting my Tillandsia Funckiana air plants.

Mounting Air Plants

Cool Ways To Mount Air Plants

Feed both ends of the twine through the table runner. When you poke them through, space the ends about an inch apart.

How To Mount Tillandsia Air Plants

Then tie a knot in the back.

How To Mount Tillandsia

Leaving a little bit of slack in the front.

How To Water Spanish Moss

It's like a little hammock for tiny air plants.

Air Plants appreciate regular misting, I mist these guys a couple times a week. but they also need a good drenching.

Spanish Moss Care

When Air Plants are well hydrated they are green. When dehydrated, they turn a silvery color. 
On the left: Slightly dehydrated Spanish Moss. On the right: Misted Spanish Moss. 
(When drenched in water, Air Plants become very green.)

Watering Your Air Plants

Giving your air plants a regular soaking will help keep them happy and thriving. Watering frequency will depend on your climate and they're environment. Typically, I soak my Spanish Moss and Tillandsia Air Plants once a week.

How to Water Spanish Moss

I fill two bowls with room temperature filtered water and submerge the Tillandsias in one bowl and Spanish Moss in the other. Or you can use tap water that has sat out long enough for the chlorine to dissipate.

How To Water Spanish Moss

I let them soak for about 15 minutes. 

Tillandsia Funckiana Air Plant Care

How to Care For Air Plants

After soaking they turn a rich vibrant green.

How To Care for Spanish Moss

I lay them on a towel for a minute to let the excess water drip, before I hang them back on their woven mount. If your air plants are hanging outside or where they can freely drip, just re-hang them immediately after soaking.

Ideas For Mounting Spanish Moss

Air Plants should be kept in an area where they will receive enough light and air circulation to dry within a few hours. If kept too moist, they risk rotting.

DIY Zen Wall Art

I'm no air plant expert but definitely an air plant enthusiast. If you grow air plants and have any other care tips or mounting ideas, please share with us!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!


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  1. Christine, I LOVE your blog! You're giving a lot of inspiration to a woman living in an apartment in NYC; your home is so open and airy and lovely, and I hope I can emulate some of that in my small space!

  2. Hi Dana, Thank you so much! I love sharing ideas so I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying them. Ahh NYC, I hope to visit there one day! :)

  3. you should always hang wall art NZ in a place where they can escape damage from heat, grease and water. Similarly, if hanging a piece near an active fireplace make sure it is not in danger of heat and soot damage.