How To Make Tiny Windowsill Plants

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Small plants for indoors

As part of our budget bathroom makeover, I found these tiny white pots at Walmart and decided they would be perfect for our tiny bathroom windowsill. Except for one thing.... I didn't have any tiny plants. 

And since they would be living in the bathroom, I needed tiny plants that loved humid but variable conditions.

Hello Golden Pothos and Lemon Button Fern! 
I've had them for quite awhile and these two beautiful hardy houseplants are always up for an adventure. 

Let's make some mini Pothos and Ferns.

How To Propagate Golden Pothos From Cuttings

How To Propagate House Plant Cuttings

For such small pots, these guys had huge drainage holes.

Stones In Container Plants

I added some stones in the bottom to help keep the potting soil in but still allow for good drainage.

How To Plant A Cutting

Fill the pots with potting soil.

How To Pot A Cutting

I pre-watered one because we'll be planting a cutting in it.

Propagate Golden Pothos Cuttings

Disinfect your pruning scissors.

Grow Golden Pothos From Cuttings

On your Pothos plant, find a good-looking healthy vine, some will have roots already forming or nodes ready to grow and begin producing new roots.

Propagate Golden Pothos

This vine has several leaves, nodes and roots forming along it, take a cutting about a half inch below the root node you want to plant.

Golden Pothos Ideas

Remove the last leaf or two to expose more growth nodes.

Golden Pothos Propagation

Look at the roots on this guy, he's ready to grow.

Fast Root Rooting Hormone

Rooting hormone is inexpensive and available at most garden centers. It helps the cutting get a good start and begin rooting sooner. However, this is optional, you can grow cuttings without rooting hormone, it may just take a bit longer.

How To Use Rooting Hormone On Cuttings

I use rooting hormone on most of my cuttings. To use, I just tap a small amount of the rooting hormone powder into a shot glass and dip the end of the cutting and any lower nodes into the powder.

Golden Pothos Care tips

Use your finger to make a hole about 1 or 2 inches in the soil, set the cutting in the hole.

How to Repot A Golden Pothos

Gently press or tamp the soil in around the cutting. 

In about a month, it will be producing new roots and soon after will begin growing new foliage!

How To Divide Lemon Button Ferns

How To Divide Ferns

Many ferns can easily be propagated by division. This is my Lemon Button fern, a small and compact specimen.

How To Propagate Through Division

To divide the fern clump, separate the fern's foliage and gently begin to work the roots apart.

How To Separate Fern Clumps

We now have two little Lemon Button ferns.

How to Propagate Lemon Button Ferns

Repot as normal in good potting soil. 

Fern Care Tips

Water and your done. You've just propagated a new little fern. Easy right? 

Grow Tiny Houseplants On Your Windowsill

Pretty cute too!

What Plants To Grow In Small Pots

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Happy propagating!


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