Small Bathroom Budget Makeover

Friday, March 13, 2015

Small Bathroom Budget Ideas

Two weeks ago I shared our small bathroom budget makeover on YouTube. This past week I blogged each DIY project that went into our bathroom makeover. Now the fun part... comparing the old look with the new!

Here's the before, it just looks stale and lifeless, doesn't it?! 

Small Bathroom Makeover Before

Bathroom Makeover

Revamp A Small Bathroom

Small Bathroom Ideas

Budget Bathroom Makeover

How to organize your bathroom

I mean, who wakes up like, "Alright! I'm beginning a fresh new day! Let me start out by crawling under this rock of a bathroom like a Dungeness crab to cheerfully get ready." 

Nobody wants that. Yet somehow we do it anyway. At least I had been since we moved in a year ago. So it was time for a change.

And here's the after...

White Bathroom Ideas

I switched out our old warm-tone lightbulbs, that were making the space appear dark and stale... And opted for cleaner brighter whiter CFL bulbs.

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

I changed out the old putty colored tension rod... Our light switches are also putty colored, they're not cute either. You know the kind. They're trying to look inconspicuous, they pretend to be some sort of beige but can't quite pull it off with that murky yellow shade of nausea. Seriously, who came up with that color? I'll tell you who... the guy in cahoots with the guy who sells the normal colored ones, that's who. 

Anyway, so I bought two new white tension rods. One for the shower curtain liner and the second for the fabric linen panels. The linen panels were actually our old curtains that we weren't using, they were folded up and sitting in our linen closet. I had been wanting a linen fabric shower curtain forever, so instead of going out and buying one (not that I could find one on this island even if my life depended on it) I just repurposed our linen curtains. 

I also hung both tension rods several inches higher. 1. So the curtains don't drag on the ground (I love the pooling effect, just not in the bathroom) And 2. Hanging the rods higher give a more prominent appearance to this very basic shower.

How To Organize A Small Bathroom

We made and installed floating cube shelves on the right, it was just a blank wall before.

Budget Bathroom Makeover

I added the willow branches, natural stone mosaic and a few bathroom friendly plants that love humidity. 

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you watched my YouTube video of this project, I mentioned this Peace Lily plant was waiting to be repotted. Well I repotted her from a 6" to an 8" pot and she had quite a big growth spurt. So I might have to move her out to the living room soon and put our small Areca Palm in here for awhile.

Decorating With Natural Elements

How To Go Clutter Free

On our vanity countertop, I cleared any bit of clutter and we now keep only a hand soap dispenser and Q-tip holder out. Everything else lives in the medicine cabinet and under the sink, which is still exactly as I organized it last year. 

If you never saw that video, I'll try to find the link and post it here. But it's on YouTube titled something like: Small Bathroom Organization: Under The Sink

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Our mirrored soap dispenser set is from Ross. 

How To Make Floating Shelves

This mosaic mirror is also from Ross. It's really helped to brighten up the room and make it feel more spacious.

Mirror Mosaic From Ross

I'm always drooling over the mosaics mirrors at Pier 1 Imports but those are usually around $200. This one was only $40 and I love it just as much.

How To Make A Small Room Look Larger

White Bathroom Ideas

We needed to utilize the space on the back of the door, so I had Michael choose between either a full length mirror or towel hooks. He preferred towel hooks and I agreed. I found these simple all white pre-mounted hooks at Lowes.

DIY Linen Fabric Shower Curtain

Oh and I can't forget to mention how much I love this little Austral Gem Fern, that's the plant on top of the floating cube shelves. It's just been such a pleasure to look at, with it's lovely shape and foliage.  I get a good feeling every time I see it, they must put off a good vibes or some very positive chi.

DIY Bathroom Ideas

Alrighty guys, that wraps up our week-long budget bathroom blogging!

What's coming up next? ...Well we have so much to film and blog about, I don't even know where to begin! Makeup, Fashion, Wall Art, Organizing, Gardening, Thrifting, the possibilities are limitless. 

Also I haven't been filming as much as I wanted the past few weeks, only because there's been extremely loud (basically earth shattering) construction work going on nearby. But that's due to be completed the end of March. So until then, I may be taking you all out on field trips in our videos. ;)


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  1. Hi Christine. Love your blog and YouTube channel! Especially adore your organisation, de clutter, diy and skincare videos. I have many pinksofoxy inspired bits and bobs around my home! Much love, can't wait to see what you and Michael come up with next - Aoife x

  2. I appreciate that you don't always entirely buy new - and that your esthetic is a lot like mine. The mosaic mirror you found is fantastic! While the "warmer" look in your bath looked masculine and comfy, to me (thinking my DH would enjoy sharing that bathroom with me), the new, Zen look is also very beautiful and definitely feels fresher and brighter. I also though the little fern is sooo pretty. And great of you to remind everyone that you can root cuttings, and not have to keep buying more new plants. First visit to your blog I think but I've enjoyed your YouTube channel lots for a while now! Thanks!!