Zen Decor Ideas: DIY Natural Stone Mosaic

Monday, March 09, 2015

DIY Stone Mosaic

Natural stones are a wonderful way to bring the outside in, and they add an earthy texture to your home. Stones also symbolize stability, strength and balance.

I came across these tumbled marble stones at our local Habitat For Humanity's The Restore. I picked up 3 square foot sheets of them, for only $1 each.

How to Make A Stone Mosaic

MDF Board Ideas

Start with a base, this is what you'll attach the stones on. We used a scrap of 1/4" MDF board.

Loctite Mirror Marble Granite Adhesive

Choose an adhesive for the type of stone or other mosaic materials you'll be using. We use Loctite for Mirror, Marble and Granite. These professional type adhesives are made to use in a caulking gun.

Easy DIY Mosaic Ideas

Layout your mosaic pattern and begin gluing your stones onto the base.

Zen Decor Using Stones

To create a rugged freeform mosaic, glue some stones so their edge protrudes beyond the edge of the base. 

After you've finished gluing each stone, allow to dry for a few hours. Dry time depends on the type of adhesive used.

How To Grout Tips

Choose your grout. We like this Keracolor sanded grout in white, it has good texture and it's a very natural shade of white, almost a soft neutral shade.

How To Prepare Grout

Put on a pair of gloves, scoop about 2 or 3 cups of powder grout into a bucket (amount depends on the size of mosaic your making) and slowly add a splash of water, just enough to create a thick frosting-like texture.

Best Grout For Mosaics

Mix well to get that nice thick frosting. 
(Mmm great... now I'm thinking about buttercream frosted cupcakes and it's 10pm. Grocery store run anyone?) 

Keracolor Sanded Grout

We used a mixing paddle but usually we just mix grout by hand, which works perfectly fine.

DIY Stone Mosaic

Spread the grout on your mosaic. You can do this by hand, or with a trowel.

Easy Mosaic Tutorial

Use your hands to smooth the grout around the sides, edges and into any crevasses or gaps.

How To Remove Grout Residue

Use a wet sponge to wipe down the mosaic, smooth the grout and clean off excess grout residue on top of the stones. It's handy to keep a bucket of water nearby to ring out the sponge and re-soak it in the water as needed while you're cleaning off the excess grout.

Allow several hours of dry time before using.

DIY Zen Bathroom Decor Ideas

And now you have a very cool earthy decor piece to use anywhere in your home. Maybe in your Zen room?

We made one as a toilet paper/vanilla orchid holder for the back of the toilet. One for my hair tools to sit on, so they wouldn't scorch the top of my dresser. And a larger one as a "mantel" that our Crane electric mini fireplace heater lives on.

Zen Room Decor Using Stones

Stones are so versatile in the home, I hope we've inspired you to explore decor options with them as well! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog today,
sending much love from our home to yours!


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  1. Oh I love this DIY! I must try this when our new bedroom is finished. Thank you very much :)