Zen Decor Ideas: Willow Branches

Monday, March 09, 2015

DIY Zen Room Ideas

When we decided to give our small cottage bathroom a makeover, I was most inspired by Zen style design. The calm energy of plants and nature in your surroundings can have a profoundly positive impact on your own energy and well-being. So I've set out to bring the outside in.

Zen Inspired Decor Idea: Willow Branches

Arranging Willow Branches

I found these curly white willow branches at Ross for $4.99 a bunch.

Decor Ideas For Sand

I had this hammered metal basin from Ross, we had it in the kitchen as a beverage basin for awhile, but it's actually a decorative plant pot.

Super Fine Industrial Sand

Michael had this super fine industrial sand leftover from other projects, so I filled my basin with the sand.

DIY Beach Wedding Ideas

And added the willow branches.

White Willow Branches

DIY Small Bathroom Ideas

I placed the willow branch arrangement between the toilet and the sink, to create a subtle partition or divider.

Small Bathroom Ideas

It's such a simple idea, but these curly white willow branches really helped give our little cottage bathroom new life!

How to Make A Small Bathroom Larger

Bare with me, in the next few posts, I'll be catching up my blog on the projects from our Small Bathroom Makeover, which some of you may have already seen the video.

Then we get to move onto all NEW Zen inspired decor projects!

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  1. LOVE how your bathroom turned out! I'm gathering ideas for my bath to make it a spa-like escape. Your ideas have been amazing. Have a great week!

    ~Richelle, www.Richelleloveslife.com