Becca Mineral Blush Wild Honey

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Becca Wild Honey Mineral Blush Review

Becca Wild Honey Mineral Blush is by far one of the prettiest sun-kissed blushes I've ever owned. It's a peachy-nude hue that gives your skin a warm summer glow. After deciding to go cruelty-free with makeup, I wondered if I would ever find the perfect cruelty-free replacement for my old Holy Grail blush, MAC Gingerly. 

Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey went above and beyond. The color is absolute perfection, pure sun-lit warmth captured in a compact.

Becca Wild Honey Mineral Blush

The packaging is Becca's classic mirrored compact with an embossed stainless steel top and dark brown rubberized finish body. P.S. It also doesn't get dirty, sticky or start peeling like some other rubberized packaging I know... *cough NARS cough* ;)

Becca Mineral Blushes are in a smaller size compact, about 2 1/2" in diameter. Compared to Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector or Perfect Skin Powder Foundation, which are about 3" in diameter. 

Becca Mineral Blush

Becca Mineral Blushes contain 6 grams of product.

Becca Wild Honey Blush Review

Ugh this color is sun-kissed heaven! Love!

Becca Wild Honey blush is finely-milled into a dreamy powder with a smooth, blendable texture. The satin finish imparts a soft luminous glow of color on the skin.

Wild Honey is richly pigmented and has great color payoff. The peach-nude shade is soft enough to work on fair skin tones with a light hand, ideal for medium-tan skin tones, and easily buildable for darker skin tones. 

Becca Wild Honey Blush

Becca Wild Honey Review

Becca Wild Honey Mineral Blush

Peachy-nude perfection!

Becca Wild Honey Blush Swatches

Becca Cosmetics is cruelty-free, which is fantastic! However, not all of their products are vegan unfortunately. Some Becca products still contain beeswax, carmine or lanolin. 

Becca Cosmetics Wild Honey Swatches

So how about the ingredients? All Becca Mineral Blushes state "may contain carmine" total bummer! But I'm hoping to get together with Becca and compile a list of their vegan products. I'm also thinking there must be a superior alternative to using crushed boiled beetles in our makeup.

I purchased Becca Wild Honey blush when I transitioned to using only cruelty-free makeup, and before I went vegan. I plan to continue using up all of my non-vegan makeup, and as I finish those items, I'll slowly replace them with vegan items.

Becca has stated they are continually evaluating animal-derived alternatives and have replaced many animal sourced ingredients with vegetable-derived ingredients. I would be totally stoked to see Becca replace carmine next because it's in so many products. Some people are even allergic to carmine.

You can do it Becca! We love you and we're all cheering you on!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Love you guys!

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  1. A beautiful color! Do you know Inika cosmetics already? All of their products are 100 % organic, vegan and cruelty free! I just discovered this brand myself and using the mineral powder foundation. Love it! :)

    1. Thanks Janine! I've been looking at Inika online, really want to place an order with them sometime. Glad to hear you love their powder foundation! Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. Hi Christine! I was just looking at that blush a few days ago! Your review arrived on point :-). Could you do a post or a video on your must have Becca products? It'd be lovely!
    On a side note, I was wondering if you ever tried Jane Iredale mineral makeup line and Dr Hauschka skincare / makeup. Their mascara is amazing! I wonder how it compares to the Pacifica one... They are more pricey brands, but just check out their ingredient lists and their philosophy and you'll be blown away.
    Take care xx