Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Becca Ombre Nudes Palette

Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette has been my go-to eyeshadow palette ever since it was first released last year. There are five eyeshadows in this palette, all are richly pigmented, matte, earthy nude tones. 

Becca Ombre Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadows are exceptionally well balanced tone-on-tone neutral shades. The colors are very natural looking, not overly warm or cool-tone. 

Becca Ombre Nudes

Matte eyeshadows tend to have a bad reputation for being hard and chalky, resulting in an uneven and patchy application. However the Becca Ombre Nudes eyeshadows have a beautiful velvety texture. All five shades are finely milled into smooth creamy powders and are very easy to blend. 

Becca Cosmetics Ombre Nudes Palette

Colors range from the lightest, a flesh-tone ivory, nude, tan, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. 

Becca Ombre Nudes Palette Swatches

The Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette became my most-worn palette because of it's simplicity. I love the all matte earth-tones, velvety smooth texture, and yet you can still create a wide variety of looks for day or night. From a fresh faced natural eye look, to a sultry smokey eye for a night out.

Becca Cosmetics Ombre Nudes Swatches

The lightest shade is great for highlighting your brow bone, inner corner, or using as an all-over eye base. The nude and tan are perfect for sculpting, blending out and as eyeliner along your lower lash line. The darker shades are excellent for contouring the eye, outer v work, and eyeliner. The four earth-tone colors are not only gorgeous on the eyes but they can also be used as brow powders as well.

Becca Ombre Nudes Eyeshadow Swatches

Becca Cosmetics is cruelty-free, which is awesome! Some of their products are vegan but not all, certain products do contain beeswax or carmine. Carmine is made from crushed boiled beetles and used to produce red dye.

Frankly I didn't even expect to see carmine listed on the ingredients of my favorite eyeshadow palette because there's nothing red about it, my guess was that it was all iron oxides. 

So I looked on the Becca Cosmetics website and on the ingredients it says "may contain carmine". I contacted Becca in hopes of getting a list of their vegan products, if they have one available. As usual I have high hopes that the "may contain carmine" might lean more towards, "or may not contain carmine".

I'll update you when/or if a reply comes back. Until then, I'll continue researching ingredients and compiling a list of Becca vegan products on my own and make a separate blog post on that soon.

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  1. Hi Christine! I've been eyeing this palette for awhile and so glad you give it a thumbs up! I love that all the shades are matte and beautiful earth tones. Definitely keeping this one in the Sephora wishlist for sure :) Thanks for sharing


  2. Please do update if you get an answer from them! I've been wanting to try their stuff for a really long time but I'm so sick of reading yet another ingredient list. The Opal highlighter has been on top of my list for a way too long time

  3. It seems like there are really good transition shades in this palette, nice neutral one. I already own the Naked basics 1 and 2 so i might pass on this one even though it looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :-) Take care