Vegan Crochet Crossbody Fringe Bag

Monday, May 25, 2015

Best Vegan Crossbody Bags

Since going vegan, I've been keeping my eye out for vegan bags with that free spirit, down-to-earth vibe that I love so much! 

Once I started reading the product tags listing the materials used, I was excited to find there are some really awesome vegan leather alternatives out there. Funny, I had assumed some of my favorite Clark sandals were leather, because they looked and felt exactly like leather but turns out they were vegan all along.

With that said, I still have a couple of bags that are leather, although I will no longer purchase leather, I do plan on using the items I already own until they wear out or fall apart.

So a few weeks ago, Michael and I were browsing in Target and I spotted this Mossimo crochet crossbody bag with fringe. I tried it on and instantly loved it's 1970s vibe. I checked the tag, the outer shell is cotton and rayon, the inner lining is polyester and the strap is faux leather. Woohoo score! It's completely vegan and only $29.99.

Target Vegan Crossbody Bag

This was the last one at my Target location on Maui, but as I'm writing this post, they still have it available online here too.
Vegan Hippy Crossbody Bag

I'm pretty much obsessed with cross-body bags now, I love the way they mesh with your outfit and give any look a rugged edge.

Best Vegan Crossbody Bag

This cross-body bag has a rather long strap. In the photos, I'm wearing it as high as it can go. However, since the strap has a belt buckle type of closure, you could actually punch a few more holes and adjust the buckle higher up.

This bag is really simple on the inside. It's fully lined but there are no closures, no zippers, no snaps, just the flap you see in the photos. That's all good with me, you just want to take a little extra care that your belongings stay put. The main section has plenty of space to fit everything I need when I'm out and about. It also has a smaller pocket, which is just large enough to fit your smartphone and some lipgloss.

Crochet Boho HandbagVegan Boho Crossbody Bag

So that's my 1970s, free spirit, down-to-earth, vegan, hippy chic, crochet cross body bag... and I totally dig it!

Cruelty Free Cross body Bag

Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Love you guys!

xo, Christine

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  1. Excited to see your blog .....keep moving forward and Heavenward! 🌞 🏄 🌸

  2. I had to get this one too! I can never have enough fringe!