Summer Essentials Spotlight: Lucky Brand Wedges

Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Essentials Lucky Brand Espadrille Wedges

This week's Summer Essentials Spotlight is on espadrille wedges. If you're new to our Summer Essentials Spotlight posts, welcome! Thanks so much for stopping in! Every week we'll shine the spotlight on a brilliant summer essential that we're loving for the summer. 

Summer Essentials Espadrille Wedges

There's just something so lovely about a stunning pair of espadrille wedges during summertime. They can spice up even the most basic outfits, while at the same time keeping your look super chill, laid-back and low-key. 

Summer Essentials Lucky Brand Espadrille Wedges

Summer Essentials Lucky Brand Espadrille Wedges

I found this cool pair of Lucky Brand espadrille wedges at Ross for only $30. They have a 3 inch heel. I'm 5'9" so a 3 inch heel is the highest I usually wear. Because well, I wouldn't want to be too giganta-saurus, towering over the city like Godzilla... But hey this Godzilla still wants to wear cute shoes. ;)

I haven't found the name of this style yet but if I do, I'll be sure to update this post with the name here. They are similar to Lucky Brand's Kalessie Espadrille Wedge.

Lucky Brand Espadrille Wedges

A pretty ankle strap seems to make any pair of wedges even more stunning.

Lucky Brand Espadrille Wedges

These espadrille wedges are also cruelty-free and vegan! I made sure to check the label before trying them on. As someone with very sensitive feet, I always assumed leather shoes were the best for comfort. So when I decided to go vegan, I thought finding good shoes for my ridiculously sensitive feet would be a challenge. How wrong I was! After examining the labels on all my shoes and sandals. Turns out some of my most-worn shoes that I totally thought were leather... they looked like leather, felt like leather... weren't leather after all, but were actually very good faux leather or "vegan leather" as I call it. I was elated with that discovery and it reinforced that I had made the right decision. But that's another post entirely! ;)

Summer Essentials Wedges

Lucky Brand Espadrille Wedges

Wedges are some of the easiest heels to walk in, so they're totally functional for any spontaneous events the day might bring your way. If you have a special day planned where you know you'll be on your feet quite a bit and you want to be comfortable, but you really want your legs looking great too, go for a pair of wedges.

How To Make Your Legs Look Longer

A great pair of nude espadrille wedges can make your legs look longer too.

How To Get Great Looking Legs

The natural textures combined with multiple shades of nude give these espadrille wedges a down-to-earth feel. I love that free-spirit feeling for summer, don't you? 

Lucky Brand Vegan Espadrille Wedges

And that's our Summer Essentials Spotlight this week!

What special items, looks or styles are you loving for summer? I would love to hear!

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  1. Very pretty! Thank you for all you do for your readers and watchers, too. I've been enjoying your YouTube videos and just ordered two Zoya polishes and a crystal nail file set! You have inspired me to clean up my diet even more and take better care of myself. My boyfriend and I are planning a move to Maui next June, so I love "touring" my future home with you and Michael. I appreciate all the tips and information! 💗