Zuzu Luxe Patina Lipstick

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Zuzu Luxe Patina Lipstick Swatches

Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in Patina is... exactly that... A stunning Patina for your lips! It looks delicious on the lips and makes for a yummy topping of golden champagne goodness over any other lipstick... from bare summer nudes to winter cherry reds! 

In our last post, we reviewed Zuzu Luxe Ultra Suede lipstick, a gorgeous peachy-nude creme. If you missed that post, I'll link it here.

Zuzu Luxe Patina has quickly become one of my most reached for lipsticks. It also replaced my old favorite MAC Gel, which was my very first MAC lipstick and most repurchased lipstick of all time. Unfortunately, MAC is no longer cruelty-free, so I quit purchasing and using MAC Cosmetics. Shortly after I finished my last tube of Gel, I discovered Patina, a stunning, cruelty-free, vegan dupe for MAC Gel lipstick!

Zuzu Luxe Patina Lipstick Swatches

Patina is a warm golden champagne frost. The warm undertone and light reflecting sheen softens your natural lip color, creating an effortless glimmering nude lip.

Zuzu Luxe Patina feels lightweight and satiny on the lips. The all natural oils and extracts in Zuzu Luxe lipsticks help to moisturize and condition your lips.

Zuzu Luxe Patina Lipstick Review

Zuzu Luxe lipsticks are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and all natural.

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Organic Candelilla Wax, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut), Organic Sesame Seed Oil, Organic Safflower Oil, Retinyl Palmitate (Kale), Tocopheryl Acetate (Avocado), Lecithin (Sunflower), Organic Sea Fennel Extract, Bisabolol (Chamomile), Organic Aloe Extract, Iron Oxides (Mineral), Mica (Mineral), St. John's Wort Extract, Titanium Dioxide (Mineral).

Zuzu Luxe Vegan Lipstick Swatches
Zuzu Luxe Patina Lipstick Swatch, Photographed in Sunlight.

Zuzu Luxe Vegan Lipstick Swatches
Zuzu Luxe Patina Lipstick, Photographed in Natural Daylight.
In the photo above, is a lip swatch of Zuzu Luxe Patina, worn alone. But typically I wear Patina as a topping over other lipsticks. In the photo below, I'm wearing Zuzu Luxe Ultra Suede with Patina on top, my current favorite nude lip combo.

Zuzu Luxe Cruelty Free Lipstick Swatches
Zuzu Luxe Ultra Suede Lipstick with Patina on top, my go-to nude lip combo. 

Cruelty Free Lipstick Review

Zuzu Luxe Vegan Lipstick Swatches

Zuzu Luxe Lipsticks are made in the USA. The packaging is Zuzu Luxe's classic silver lipstick tube with their signature wave logo. It's a good quality, sturdy plastic with a chrome and matte silver finish, it almost feels and looks like metal.

Zuzu Luxe Patina Vegan Lipstick

Zuzu Luxe lipsticks are $18.15 on their Gabriel Cosmetics website here. But check your local health food stores for sales too! I purchased my Zuzu Luxe Lipsticks at Down To Earth on Maui and have been loving this brand ever since.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and if have a favorite cruelty-free or vegan nude lipstick!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Have a safe 4th Of July weekend!


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  1. Thanks for posting this. I recently discovered ZuZu & Gabriel Cosmetics at Whole Foods. I will try them now!

  2. Have you tried anything from Shiro Cosmetics? They are vegan and cruelty free and actually very cheap!!
    I dont think they have lipstick but they have pretty much everything else

  3. I love your blog and youtube videos Christine. I stumbled upon your youtube channel searching for furniture restoration tips. You have inspired me to make many changes in my life. Thank you.