100% Pure Fiji Eyeshadow

Saturday, August 01, 2015

100 Percent Pure Fiji Eyeshadow Review

Smooth, velvety, creamy and inspired by tropical islands. 100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are made with skin-loving all natural ingredients. Formulated to leave your eyelids soft, moisturized and nourished with nutrient-rich butters, super fruit extracts, antioxidants, green tea and herbs. 

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are a cream formula, with a buttery texture, easy to blend and buildable color payoff. They've quickly become my go-to eyeshadows for those mornings when I just want a simple all-over lid color without the fuss of actually sitting down and doing makeup. Fiji is a nude-bronze and one of my favorite 100% Pure eyeshadows. 

One of my biggest concerns when purchasing cream eyeshadows, is if it's quite shimmery, they seem to magnify my naturally creasy lids and leave them looking like the cracked earth of a dry lake bed in the mojave desert, or lizard skin... I mean, I love lizards and all... and I feel we have a lot in common, we both enjoy laying on large boulders, sunning ourselves along the river banks but... lizard lids, no... 

So I was excited to find that Fiji adds just the right amount of golden sparkle to the eyes, without giving you crepey lizard lids. 

You can apply 100% Pure Satin eyeshadows with your finger or a brush. I prefer applying them with my ring finger or middle finger, the warmth of your finger tips helps the product blend out effortlessly. 

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. The ingredients are a fusion of skincare and makeup in every product, and the lifelong health of your skin is so worth giving it the best treatment possible 24/7.

100 Percent Pure Vegan Eyeshadows

Ingredients: Avocado Butter, Rosehip Oil, Rice Starch, Pigments of: Peach, Apricot, Carrot, Tomato, Strawberry, Cacao Seed, Coffee, Black Tea, Blackberry, Plum Skin, Black Grape Skin, Black Current and Papaya, Green Tea Powder, Red Wine Resveratrol, Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Extracts of Goji Berry, Acai Berry, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, Japanese Honeysuckle and Goldenseal, Mica (shimmery mineral), Silica.

100 Percent Pure Satin Eyeshadows

100 Percent Pure Cream Eyeshadows

The only problem I have with this product is the packaging. The jar is tiny, at barely 35mm, with an inner diameter of only 20mm... The opening of the pot is so narrow, it's hard to get the product out without gouging the poor eyeshadow with your nails. It would be awesome if 100% Pure upgraded this packaging to a more user-friendly, wider, lower profile compact or pot.

100 Percent Pure Fiji Eyeshadow

100 Percent Pure Fiji Eyeshadow Review

Fiji wears flawlessly from morning till evening on most days. Except on especially hot and humid days, I have had some minor creasing. But with Fiji being a nude it's barely noticeable and touching up is easy, just patting the creased area smoothes everything out instantly. 

I wear Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, which usually crease-proofs any eyeshadow, but I'm wondering if maybe the ingredients are clashing. So I may try another eye primer with these 100% Pure Satin eyeshadows and see how that goes.

100 Percent Pure Fiji Eyeshadow Swatches

100 Percent Pure Fiji Eyeshadow Swatch

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are $23 USD and available on their website here.  (affiliate link)

Below are a few pics and swatches of the six 100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows that I own so far. I'd like to pick up another one sometime, so I keep a wish list and wait to purchase when 100% Pure has a sale or promo coupon. 

(P.S. If you sign up for their emails, they send you great deals all the time!)

100 Percent Pure Satin Eyeshadow Review

100 Percent Pure Vegan Eyeshadows

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadow Swatches

Lookout for upcoming reviews on each of these 100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows!

I would love to hear your thoughts... And if there are any natural, vegan or cruelty-free beauty products you've been wondering about and would like to see a review on, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today.
Love you guys!

*This post is not sponsored, but does contain an affiliate link. I purchased all 100% Pure eyeshadows shown. :)

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  1. Love these! Thanks for the great review!

  2. Hi Christine! Would love it if you could do a video with a vegan makeup starter kit - like a 'vegan face' lol. I have so much makeup i love, and making the transition, while i know its worth it, is kind of sad? Would be great to see a start to finish full face look, to see it is possible! Mahalo!! x

    1. Ooh I love those ideas yaaassss girl!! Ok coming soon! xo

  3. Hi Christine ~ Thanks for doing this review. I am older (64) and have the crepey lids to prove it and, no, I'm not a lizard either! I am constantly on the lookout for a cream shadow because I am just not particularly fond of a powdery look. I feel the same way about blushes. At my age, if I want my skin to glow and have some radiance and look alive, layers of powder just don't do it. I can't tell you how many times I've been back and forth to the 100% Pure website, deliberating about their blushers and shadows, so it is really helpful to see the shadow swatches and how they look on your lids, and to learn they offer some email discounts. I love the previous poster's idea about a vegan/cruelty-free makeup starter kit, whether it's a single brand or several.

    1. I hear you about the powdery look! For sure, we'll have to do a vegan/cruelty-free starter kit video and post, such a great idea! xo

  4. I use a spatula to get product out of pots so as to not contaminate the product. I'm weird that way :)
    Thanks for the product recommendation.

  5. Hi Christine... Thank you so much for doing this post and especially for the swatches!! Their website fails miserably when it comes to color descriptions and actual swatches. Im in the process of transitioning to more natural products and Ive been having a hard time finding a good eye shadow primer. Today I just happened to use 100% Pure long last concealer as an eye primer and it worked, at least so far. If you have it you might give it a try. Its sheer enough to not be too opaque and yet it evened out my eyelid discoloration and so far, No creasing. Amazing because I have terribly oily eyelids.

    1. So true Tracy! I love 100% Pure to pieces but dang... they need to have color descriptions on the products, more detailed photos and swatches for sure. I kept a wish list and waited until our California trip so I could see the products in person and then purchase. I'll email them and see if they're planning to do any website updates to make shopping online easier for customers. xo

  6. Update... The long lasting concealer by 100% Pure does not work as an eye shadow primer so Im still on the hunt. Please let us know if you find one thats more natural plus cruelty free.

    1. Thanks for the update Tracy, I'll keep you guys posted on what I find. xo