100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow

Friday, August 21, 2015

100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow

In our previous 100% Pure eyeshadow posts we reviewed FijiBora BoraBarbados, and Star. Today we'll swatch and review 100% Pure Bahamas eyeshadow.

First, here's the low-down on these popular cruelty-free and vegan eyeshadows...

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are a cream formula, with a buttery texture, easy to blend and buildable color payoff. Inspired by tropical islands and made with all natural skin-loving ingredients. Formulated to leave  the delicate skin around your eyes soft, moisturized and nourished with nutrient-rich butters, super fruit extracts, antioxidants, green tea and herbs. 

100% Pure Bahamas satin eyeshadow is a pale sparkling champagne with gold pearl. My favorite way to wear Bahamas is as an all-over-lid color for an eye-brightening effect, it also makes a brilliant inner corner highlight.

I do get some minor creasing with Bahamas on hot and humid days. Currently I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer, but I'll be testing out other eye primers to see if that helps.

You can apply 100% Pure Satin eyeshadows with your finger or a brush. The warmth of your finger tips helps the product blend out effortlessly. As mentioned in the other posts, the pots are pretty small at 35mm and only 20mm inner diameter. So if you have nails, it's hard to get the product out without gouging the poor eyeshadow. Another option is to use a brush or beauty spatula to get the product out, then apply with your finger.

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are vegan, cruelty-free and all natural. The ingredients are a fusion of skincare and makeup in every product, and the lifelong health of your skin is so worth giving it the best treatment possible 24/7.

100% Pure Bahamas Satin Eyeshadow Review

100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow Review100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow Review

100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow Review

100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow
Umm... ok we'll just ignore the patchy brow pencil, not sure what happen there. ;)

100% Pure Bahamas Eyeshadow Swatches

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows are $23 USD and available on their website here.  (affiliate link)

Below are a few pics and swatches of the six 100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows that I own so far. I'd like to pick up another one sometime, so I keep a wish list and wait to purchase when 100% Pure has a sale or promo coupon. 

(P.S. If you sign up for their emails, they send you great deals all the time!)

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadow Swatches

100% Pure Satin Eyeshadow Review

Lookout for upcoming reviews on each of these 100% Pure Satin Eyeshadows.

I would love to hear your thoughts... And if there are any natural, vegan or cruelty-free beauty products you've been wondering about and would like to see a review on, let me know in the comments.


*This post is not sponsored, but does contain an affiliate link. I purchased all 100% Pure eyeshadows shown. :)

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  1. I like this color! It is not to heavy, it gives some freshness to the eye! Besides of this, what did you buy in the 100% pure shop in Roseville? Do you still use their coconut body cream? And I love the new name of your blog! 😊

  2. Of the two shadows that I would call eye-brightening (Star being the other one), I think I like this better. It is more champagne and less pink-toned than I imagined, which is why swatches are so helpful, but it has just the right amount of light-reflecting properties that I think it would look good on someone like me who has eyelids that are less than youthfully smooth!

    Yes, Christine, what else was in your bag when you came out of the 100% Pure shop? I about flipped when I saw that you had been able to visit an actual store. All this time I had thought they were just online.

    Let me add my vote to Janine's above ~ love the new title of your blog. I think it describes you, and your content, perfectly!

  3. Christine - Another great review. I love the way you describe colors, really on target. I agree with Lady Of The Wood, its not as pink toned as I imagined and YES the swatches are very helpful. A couple of years ago I bought the tinted moisturizer in cream and absolutely Loved it until I ordered the replacement. The new color is so orange I ended up looking like an oompa loompa! I was very disappointed and I find that I have to be really careful what I order because everything in their line seems to go quite orange on me. Thats why swatches are so helpful. So Thank You!!!

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