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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How to grow long hair fast

At the beginning of this year, I made a goal to grow out my hair longer, stronger and healthier. I made several changes to my hair regimen this year, including my shampoo and conditioner. For the past few months I've been using Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs line, they recently updated the packaging and you can find it here under Hair Solutions. My friend Kristin turned me onto Peter Lamas and connected me with the company, they sent me three products that best fit my hair concerns so I could test out the line.

The botanical based formula uses Chinese herbs that were traditionally used in Chinese medicine.  The line is formulated to stimulate the scalp, improve scalp circulation, unblock hair follicles, soothe scalp irritations such as itching or flaking and promote healthy hair growth for fuller, thicker hair. 
When I was a kid I never fully appreciated having naturally thick hair but as an adult I love it and want to keep it that way. We care so much about the health of our hair, so it makes sense to take care of your scalp and hair follicles too.

Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Hair Solutions

Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Shampoo Review

Here's a snippet from the Peter Lamas website about their Chinese Herbs Hair Solutions line.

"Our botanically-rich formula is empowered with rare Chinese Herbs – used in Traditional Chinese Medicine – to help stimulate the scalp and promote healthy, thicker-looking hair. The Chinese Herbs Stimulating Shampoo combines a potent mix of energizing ingredients – Apple Stem Cells, Trichogen, Biotin (Vitamin B7), and antioxidants - with our proprietary Chinese Herbs blend. The powerful formula helps remove hair follicle-blocking sebum and inhibits DHT buildup - a hormone that can slow hair growth. Trichogen helps stimulate hair follicles to give you healthier, fuller-looking hair. Purifying Eucalyptus Oil and Aloe Vera Leaf helps soothe itching, flaking and scalp irritations while White Tea Extract, Peppermint Oil and Ginger Root provides powerful antioxidant protection."

  • Improves micro-circulation of the scalp to help prevent premature hair loss.
  • Helps inhibit DHT build-up to encourage healthy hair growth for thicker, fuller-looking hair.
  • Stimulates the scalp and energizes hair follicles.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Petrochemical-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Color safe - won't fade color-treated hair

Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Conditioner Review

How To Use Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Hair Solutions

I use the shampoo and conditioner every other washing (about once a week). Gently massage the Energizing shampoo into your scalp for 1-2 minutes. Rinse and follow with the Energizing conditioner, leave the conditioner on for 3-5 minutes for deep conditioning. 

To use the Energizing Scalp Serum, apply 2-3 drops directly to affected areas (where ever you're experiencing thinning hair or just want to boost the productivity of your hair follicles) and gently massage into scalp. The directions recommend using morning and night for optimal results. But I only use it once or twice a week at night.

How to Grow Long Hair Fast

How To get Fuller Thicker hair

My hair does seem to be growing longer faster and I like knowing that while I'm washing my hair, my scalp and hair follicles are getting a treatment so they can function at their best. I do think however, that I would need to use the products longer to get the most benefit, but so far so good. The shampoo and conditioner leaves your hair super soft, smooth and slightly more relaxed. I find it works best when I wear my hair straight. I noticed when I wear my hair wavy, the curls fall a little flatter and looser. The natural peppermint and botanicals feel tingly and cooling on the scalp. The scent is refreshing, earthy and invigorating. A big plus is that it doesn't fade color treated hair, it's vegan and cruelty-free. This is expensive hair care but it's made with quality ingredients. Prices on the Peter Lamas website are $26 for the Energizing shampoo 8.5 fl oz (250 ml), $22 for the Energizing conditioner 8.5 fl oz (250 ml), $48 for the Energizing Scalp Serum 1.7 fl oz (50 ml).

Bottom line:
It's a good quality shampoo/conditioner/treatment, targeted as promoting healthier hair growth. Individual results vary, but if you're growing out your hair, or experiencing thinning hair, or if you just want to boost your hair follicle health, it might be worth the splurge to see how it works for you. I will continue using these products until they're finished and then determine if the results I get are worth repurchasing.

I'll update here when I finish the products.

Have an awesome day everyone, lots of love!
Christine Kobzeff blog

*This post does not contain any affiliate links. It does contain product samples that were sent to me for trial and review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! Love the curls. I am always looking for some great hair products. Please make more blogs about the products you are using! Skincare, bodycare etc. Love to read reviews! 😊

  2. Super wicked hair- I'd like to try your new product, or one with a similar philosophy- being on the east coast, often times our all natural stores carry different products that I try out- I am happy to report I broke out of the daily washing and styling about 3 months ago and unless I have a super sweaty work out- it's every 5 days- a miracle change thanks to your incouraging example! Just loving your blog n YT channel, so, thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I am going to wait for your update before purchasing. Willing to pay a little more, but only for a product that lives up to it''s claims. Stopped daily shampooing about a year ago and it has made a big difference . So enjoy your blog, missing you and Michael on you tube. You'e both wonderful!

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  7. Hi you have any recomendation for natural hair coloring? I'm having some gray hairs and I want to cover it but not use chemical products.

  8. Hi Christine i just start to see your videos and i am in love with then the problem is i can't find here in Canada halfe of the stuff that u using

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