Instant Attraction & Connection With Strangers

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Instant Chemistry & Familiar Feeling With Someone

Have you ever crossed paths with someone and experienced an instant connection or chemistry that was so intense it felt like a shock wave going through your body at the cellular level? Combined with an overwhelming sense of familiarity, as if you already know them. You can feel the magnetic energy traveling between each other. You wonder if it's just one-sided or if they can feel it too. 

And what exactly is it anyway?

How our energies interact and connect with each other goes far beyond physical attraction. Physical attraction is only a piece of the puzzle. Our emotional connection solidifies a much deeper bond. Good looks will certainly catch our eye, we all zero-in on our favorite physical attributes of those we find attractive, maybe it's their eyes or smile that does it for you. I can tell you without a doubt, a mans crows feet when he smiles... knocks me off my feet, I get butterflies and have shortness of breath. Hey, we like what we like, right? Go with it, enjoy it! The funny thing is, men have no idea they can have that kind of effect on a woman. So women, it's our duty to let them know once in awhile.

Instant Attraction

The exact scenario and situation can take on different forms, you never know where it might hit. You'll only know when it does because a jolt of electric energy will just about knock your socks off, it's a real physical reaction that's beyond your control.

Your scenario could look similar to this. You're in a crowded building and from across the room your eye contact locks with a stranger, a shock wave travels through your body. You can literally feel the magnetic energy between you. The physical sensation can include vibrations, tingling, butterflies, a feeling of being stunned, even a jolt or shock to the body. As you get near each other your energy lights up and radiates. You can somehow feel you're operating on the same frequency. You've never met before but you have an overwhelming sense of familiarity with each other. Gazing into their eyes induces a euphoric dream-like state as everything else happening around you fades into the background. Their energy has suddenly awakened every cell in your body, you want to be close to them and get to know them completely.

Just as gravity is unseen but we can feel it's effects, there are unseen forces at work when we find ourselves having instant chemistry with someone we just met.

Eye Contact

One of the fastest and most effective ways to form a bond or connection is through eye contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Looking into a persons eyes can reveal a lot, especially how they feel towards you. And that's what we really want to know, right? Are they into me? Are they feeling the same way I do? Watch their eye contact, this bit of body language will usually hint at how they feel about you. Do their eyes light up when they see you? Do they maintain eye contact with you? Or are their eyes busy looking elsewhere around the room, checking their phone, etc?

Now if the person is shy or nervous they may look away or down a tiny bit but their eyes go right back to you. They make you the center of their attention. I always thought I was the shy one meeting new people until I met this guy who was ridiculously attractive and his smile *faint* I don't think he had any idea how hot he was, ugh those are the best kind of guys too. He had great eye contact but you could tell he was nervous and blushing. He would glance down to the side and then back to me again, eyes bright, sparkly and looking genuinely happy to be hanging out together, almost like a puppy dog. But if you're trying to let a guy know you like him, you'll need to use more body language moves than just eye contact alone. We'll discuss more about body language later.

Supercharged Electric Attraction

When we're instantly attracted to someone, we can experience a sudden electrical surge. This releases physical sensations of intense electric energy, a jolt or shock, static electricity shock, tingling, heat. Our body temperature suddenly rises, our pulse rate increases.

How is this possible? Our body contains tiny electrical currents charged by chemicals. Electrical signals are lightening fast, taking only a fraction of a second. When we make eye contact with someone we're intensely attracted to neurochemicals are released in the brain and transmitted through neurons. These cells in our nervous system are specially designed to transmit information by rapid fire messaging. It's this domino effect that literally sparks a supercharged surge of electricity that shoots through our body.

Magnetic Attraction

Did you know you have magnetic energy? As a result of extensive heart studies it was discovered as the heart beats, it generates a large electromagnetic field which radiates external to the body. This is a literal, measurable magnetic field.

It's believed that we're subconsciously able to detect this field and it's through this field that we experience feeling connected to another person. The strength of the hearts magnetic field is dynamic, constantly changing and working in both directions among people, stemming from the heart of both individuals.

You Seem Really Familiar

Have you ever met someone for the first time and had an overwhelming feeling of familiarity? They seem so familiar that you feel connected to them on another level or maybe a parallel universe? As if your subconscious mind has known exactly what you need in your life and it just instantly recognized what it's been so patiently waiting to find. You've literally just met this person, had a little small talk and bang!! You went from 0 to light speed out of no where. You want to know them completely.

Body Language

So you've made eye contact, been shocked by electricity and pulled into the orbit of their magnetic field. Now you're either gazing at them in a euphoric dream-like state on cloud nine... Or you're flooded with questions as you look for signs that they're into you. How can you tell if feelings are mutual? What if they're just being polite? Can instant attraction be one-sided? Unfortunately yes it can be one-sided.

That's where body language comes in to save the day or night. Learning to read body language is a useful skill that anyone can develop, it tells you a lot about how a person feels towards you without them having to say a word. Or maybe their words are saying one thing but their body language is saying something different. After all, actions speak louder than words.

For example the guy I was instantly head over heals for, we were trying hard to be professional and discuss work related stuff. But let's face it neither of us were thinking about work. My mind was totally focused on him, his eyes, smile and all the little details you notice when you're really into a guy, including body language. I watched for signs that he was feeling the same level of attraction that I was. I recall chatting about work but can't be sure if I was able to form any complete sentences that actually made sense. The body language was much louder than any words, in fact it completely overshadowed them, as if we were having two totally different conversations simultaneously.

This is also why you shouldn't get hung up on trying to say just the right thing. If you're both feeling each other, you won't need to force anything just let things flow naturally. We have a tendency to overthink things. We'll replay scenarios over and over again in our head, wishing we would have said this or done that. Instead of falling into that emotional cycle of self-doubt which can sabotage relationships... Take a deep breath, assume the best and have confidence. If they were giving you the I'm into you body language, they like you, don't question it.

I'm thinking body language deserves it's own in depth dedicated post, so if you're interested let me know in the comments and I'll get to work on it for you.

I'd love to hear your experiences with instant attraction, connections and chemistry. How did it play out for you?


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  1. This was a great post Christine!! I'd love to read a post about soul tribes--that sounds so interesting. I'm reading a book called "Journey of Souls", you might like it! I'm assuming your examples were Michael? So cute :)

  2. Good one Christine , TFS. The topic that I would like you to talk about is this. How do you not lose your self in the marriage . Sometimes when you take the transition after marriage to move in with your spouse, taking care of him and taking care of the chores seem to take the front seat and I sometimes feel that I have become the last priority . Your thoughts around this topic please 🙂

  3. Great article. I would love to read more about body language. Thanks!