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Hello, Welcome! I'm Christine, author and photographer of this blog.

Modern Bohemian Lifestyle is a blog for the free spirit culture about wanderlust style, DIY ideas, home decor, cruelty-free beauty, and vegan life. We're passionate about connecting you with inspiration from around the world.

In 2013, my husband and I took a temporary leave of absence from our work, put everything we owned in a 10' storage unit, packed one small backpack each and embarked on a six month journey. Starting in Maui, we traveled to Japan, continuing on to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Australia and New Zealand. The following year we traveled the Philippines.

Our travels changed our lives forever, it was those life experiences that heavily influence me to continue evolving as if I was still traveling abroad...

Modern Bohemian Lifestyle's mission is to encompass that evolution and everything that keeps us inspired!

Modern Bohemian Desk Ideas

You can find me at my desk most mornings, sipping a cup of vegan chai latte topped with homemade coconut whipped cream, while working on jewelry designs for Etsy and local festivals... Or in the garden tending to my succulents and cactus.

What else? I was born in Gold Beach, Oregon and raised in a small surf town on the Oregon coast. Always been a chill relaxed kind of girl, an animal lover and kind of a hermit. I also might be the girly-est tomboy you'll ever meet. I'm an astronomy geek, a rockhound (into rocks, fossils, gems, mineral specimens), never afraid of hard work or getting dirty. But I love my makeup, fashion and home decor too. My favorite movie and muse of all time is Indiana Jones.

When I was 19, I set out on my own with my backpack, $300 and a ticket to Maui, Hawaii. I've lived on Maui for 16 years now, however we're planning a big move to Arizona as our business grows and we seek out new opportunities and travel excursions. I'm happily married to my best friend, Michael and we live life as if everyday is an adventure!

Below is a sampling of some of the topics you'll find on my blog and YouTube channel.

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Modern Bohemian Christine Kobzeff

Previously my old blog domain was "pinksofoxy" after my original Youtube name, so you may see some of those watermarks on pics. However the name just didn't fit me anymore, I felt like it reflected the past and I wanted this blog to have a fresh start and reflect our future. So that's why the domain change and site updates.

Take care and I hope to see you again soon!

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